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It has now been confirmed that the release date for the second instalment in The Maze Runner movie franchise, The Scorch Trials, the second book of James Dashner's trilogy is set to release on September 18th 2015!

Wes Ball just recently tweeted this sneak peek of the script which is already being written.

After escaping the Maze the remaining Gladers find themselves facing an even more treacherous challenge as they fight to survive in a devastated planet overrun by sun flares. With new dangers, new enemies and new friends.

Wes Ball is said to start shooting soon, with a screenplay written by T.S. Nowlin who helped write the screenplay for the first movie as well.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Inquirer Wes mentioned that he is looking to shoot the film in the New Mexico area.

The ending of The Maze Runner was a real cliffhanger as Wes added a part of what happens at the start of the Scorch Trials book to it, The Scorch Trials will pick off exactly where the first movie left off, watching both movies at once it would seem as if you're watching one big story.“We have a lot more resources, a bit more freedom. We’ll continue to tell the story and pick up where the last one left off."

Wes also spoke about getting to know the core characters more in the second film "What’s really fun about it is that we keep exploring these characters that you fall in love with in the first one. We just go into them in a deeper way."

"We get to be a little bit more mature and sophisticated in the movie itself. It’s also bigger in terms of scope and scale. But it’s also a much deeper film." Wes went on to say.

With sets already being designed, crews coming in and the actors returning thing are being set in motion for The Scorch Trials movie! "We are all really excited, pushing forward.”

After the success of The Maze Runner movie there is no doubt in my mind that Scorch Trials will be just as amazing!


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