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I've been browsing Moviepilot today and stumbled upon an article by Frederick Crew. Frederick was asking a question that we have heard quite frequently lately. Where is a proper Moviepilot app? So, I thought it would be adequate to answer Frederick in the same way that he asked the question - by using Moviepilot itself!

Let me introduce myself briefly; My name is Ben and I'm responsible for the product and technical decisions here at Moviepilot. More than a year ago we had this wonderful idea of transforming MP into a platform where fans get the chance to write what they're passionate about. And then to elevate the best pieces to millions and millions of other fans on Facebook. Quite frankly, we're all amazed at how far this has taken us already.

But back to the topic at hand. Frederick, you are right, Moviepilot totally deserves a proper mobile application. And as you described, the app should help you to easily snap a picture, type a few words and publish something on the go. I'd love to see your immediate responses to news, announcements or the movie you just watched while the excitement is still fresh. So, yeah - mobile app - definitely. But when?

Right now we're focusing on allowing you to create different forms of content. You can write a simple article or you can create beautiful full-width articles like this one. You've probably seen the Personality Quizzes we just launched the other day, right? And we're currently working on allowing you to create beautiful reviews, that might look a little like this:

The Review Format, currently in the works
The Review Format, currently in the works

Guess what? That is not all we have in mind either. So we simply need more time. We want to stabilize the Editor and allow you to create even more different kinds of amazing content. For us, giving you a chance to express what you want to say in the easiest and most beautiful way possible is what drives us here at MP HQ. We're still experimenting with seeing what you accept and appreciate, and what you do not. Once we're happy with the setup, we'll look into making this work on mobile. Either as an app, or as a mobile optimized version of the Editor. We're thinking, maybe in early 2015? We're not entirely sure at this point, but it is on the agenda!

So for now... keep the ideas coming! We're happy to continue to discuss where and what we should head towards to see how to expand your creative experience even further.

And Frederick, I'll invite you personally to the beta phase of the mobile app, once we're there! :)


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