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Dating can be hard, amirite? Raise your hand if you've ever opened your mouth to say something smooth to someone you're interested in, and in your head, you're all like, Yeah, I'm so witty! This'll get 'em, and what actually comes out of your mouth is something more like, "Hi. Um. SHOES. I Andyourfacebye."

Every. single. time.

But don't worry, friends! I'm here to save you from your dating game woes with these pick-up lines from Harry Potter. Guaranteed to get your gal, guy, or gremlin...if you're into that sort of thing. Accio swag!

1.) The old stand-by

Gun, banana, wand, whatever - if it worked for Mae West, it will work for you.


2.) The charm to disarm

The wink is important. Don't forget the wink. Just...try not to look like you're having a stroke. Strokes are bad.

3.) The borderline-creepy-and-it-just-might-work

Definitely make sure to do it with the slightly creepy hand gestures. Who knows? Some people are into that - you might get lucky.

4.) The "trust me; I'm an expert"

This one's so vague it can be used on both girls and guys. That's how you like 'em: A little confused and a little intrigued. See? Genius.

5.) The short and sweet

Broomstick? Hah, more like BOOMSTICK, right?!


This is why I'm gonna die alone, you guys.

6.) The hint of evil

This one only works if you're confident in your own wicked ways, so tread carefully. can fake it and hope for the best.

7.) The comparison

Flaunt it if you got it, fellas. Just remember, if you don't got it, well...better leave this pick-up line to the big boys. Literally and figuratively.

8.) The playing to vanity

Even if you say you're not vain, everyone likes to be complimented on their looks. Everyone. Can't go wrong with that.

9.) The down and dirty

Master level. Do not attempt.

And if all else fails, you can always, just, you know...try things the normal, old-fashioned way: Saying hello.



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