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The Silent Saga is an epic tale of struggle in a universe at the mercy of an all powerful enemy. Set in a future universe, where Earth has finally reached for the stars and picked fights along the way, The Silent Saga poses the question of the origin of good and evil.

After twenty-seven years of war, the UEC(United Earth Command) and its three warring enemies have established four colonies on a neutral planet, Mandrania. Here the four races which include the Vashen, Cariskac and Jandar work towards peace in an effort to stop extinction. But just as the talks were gathering momentum and with an Earth ship on-route to another colony city, the whole universe was silenced.

No-one could establish contact beyond the planet to any ship, station or planet and they all blamed each other. The ship was fired upon, blamed for the silence through the universe and the war was back on, only this time, on one planet, Mandrania. Nobody knew who silenced the universe.

Six years later, the colonies were reduced to hundreds as the planetary war had almost decimated the survivors. But the Jandar have managed to keep an operational communications station deep in the jungles of Mandrania and all the others want it. The race is on to get to the station, to try and establish some form of contact off world and find out who caused the silence through the universe.

They will find however, that they are not alone. The first book in the saga, Desolate sets in motion the story of the survivors who don't know of the real enemy, who haven't seen the real enemy yet. But they are coming, and The Silent Saga is only beginning.

The Silent Saga is cliched fun, laced with adventure and intrigue but most importantly, exciting. It is the first novel from David Whelan(that be me) and hopes to reach on audience who appreciate the joys of sci-fi, the fun that Star Wars brought when it came out. Its no Star Wars granted but hey, nobodies perfect. Give it a go if you can and it can be found at .


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