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Anyone who even remotely knows me is well-aware of my love for both video games and comics, so when the two cross over, I'm more than delighted. Thankfully, video games have never really been at a loss for superheroes: from Batman's blockbuster Arkham series to the arcade classic Turtles in Time, comic books have had a presence in video games for almost as long as gaming has been around.

But beyond Ultimate Alliance and the multiple Marvel vs. Capcom titles, creative gamers and devs alike have created superhero-inspired mods to several of their favorite titles. Here, I round up some of my favorites - I'd love to see yours in the comments!

Batman VS. Bane in Wolfenstein 3D

Kicking this off with one of my favorites: this Wolfenstein 3D mod by Lozer42 sees Batman take on Bane in more impressive ways than I can count. Wolfenstein was one of the first PC games I played (on a dusty old IBM that my dad handed down to us kids when he got his first iMac. Yes... the big, colorful egg iMac) so it's great to also see my first favorite crime fighter within the pixels of Wolfenstein.

The Joker in Grand Theft Auto 5

Among the more popular games for mods is the Grand Theft Auto series, where anyone from Iron Man to Anna from Frozen has been previously modded from the game's characters. We'll look at Iron Man in a second, but if there's anyone who is worth adding in to wreak havoc upon the people of Los Santos, it's The Joker -- and GTA5Videos on YouTube has brought the Joker to life as a balding, creepy madman.

Wonder Woman VS. Catwoman in Minecraft

Two of DC's leading ladies are brought to life in this mod battle, where YouTuber PopularMMOs tests battle capabilities and functionality for the characters in Minecraft. Mobs of Catwomen sounds like Batman's nightmare, but Diana seems like she can handle 'em just fine.

Iron Man in Grand Theft Auto IV

While it's completely out of character for Iron Man to intentionally bring destruction upon New York City, this video demonstrates a high-functioning mod by taltigolt that you have got to see in action.

Rogue VS. Psylocke - Soul Calibur 5

Modding on Soul Calibur used to be one of my favorite things to do, and lilstampy has taken it to another level with these gorgeous renditions of Rogue and Psylocke from X-Men.

Are there any video game mods with your favorite comic characters that you find unforgettable? Share them in the comments -- I would love to see them!

Bonus: While not comic related, here's Princess Anna tearing it up in GTA5:


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