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There has been much talk and anticipation for (arguably) Marvels comics greatest hero. Despite the out pour of attention and request for the film, there have not been many updates. Some fans have begun to speculate without any confirmation that the King of Wakanda will be making an appearance in the upcoming [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035) film based on easter eggs and questionable hints that have surfaced recently.

The loss of the shield in CATWS & broken shield
The loss of the shield in CATWS & broken shield

All we know about the film so far is that the writer is Mark Bailey (known for "Ghost of Abu Ghraib" & "Epidemic Africa" and the upcoming "Last Days in Vietnam").

The lack of information about the film has left fans of Wakanda ruler feeling neglected. In recent days Marvels [Black Panther](movie:9047) fans have begun to make moves of their own in effort to invoke Marvel to respond. Websites and blogs such as such as "BlackPantherMovieNow" and others have voiced there aggravation for lack of info. There is even a kickstarter campaign for a fan series they're calling "Reign of Wakanda: Return of the Black Panther"


Do you think Marvel is giving enough attention to Black Panther


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