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The Strain is a TV series distributed by FX network. Its a horror/drama show that aired July 13, 2014. The Strain is based off the first novel in the Strain trilogy by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan. With such a great following just from episode one, the series alone has turned into such a huge hit.

The Strain starts off with aircraft being inspected by the CDC for remaining survivors, and evidence on what could have happened to the dead plane. As the series moves along, it takes you through thinking the cause of everything is a virus, a plague, blood, worms, vampires, aliens, and so much more. The lead characters spend the whole time fighting the victims turned into vampires. While trying to cure the plague, save others and survive themselves.

The Strain is a go and here's why. The pace of releasing new information throughout an episode is so spot on. They welcome you with a new problem/situation in the beginning. They hint around and make assumptions. The side story with supporting characters is then introduced. That side story of course has something to do with either the current situation or pass occurrences. Then back to the main story is a clue to the key point that will help the characters get out of trouble. The characters survive and while recovering they undiscovered the next episode's problem.

It's simple, yet effective, and I couldn't be a bigger fan. The Strain is also great not for just its writing but the makeup, and special effects of the show are phenomenal. Its familiar because as a horror fan what have I not seen when it comes to aliens, and vampires? However the take on the victims suffering this virus is terrifying. Giving them as well, a tongue weapon is what really differs the vampires from others. It's how they fight, survive, and feed even.

The Stain keeps me waiting every Sunday, and I can't wait for more. Check it out Sunday 10pm on FX.


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