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Right now in the horror fiction world, there is a name that is creating excitement for those in the know and will soon enough be a household name. That name is Jon Bassoff. His novel, Corrosion, created tons of buzz and will soon find it's way to the big screen. Bassoff's newest novel, Factory Town, which will be released on October 7, is also being adapted for the screen.

Screenwirter Jack Reher, writer of the upcoming film Grizzly starring Thomas Jane and James Marsden, will be bringing this story of a wasteland of a town that is populated with damaged souls to theatres.

Factory Town is the kind of place that no one visits by choice, and no one ever leaves. Unfortunately for Russell Carver, he must enter Factory Town while on his search for a missing girl. As Russell navigates the depravity of Factory Town, he finds clues to his own past and this past may be coming back to haunt him.

What are these clues, will he find the missing girl and will he leave Factory Town alive? You can read the novel on October 7 or wait for the film adaptation to find out.



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