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Following on from our previous MGS5: The Phantom Pain piece showcasing gameplay taken from the Tokyo Game Show 2014, at which creator Hideo Kojima provided commentary for streamed footage. The result was a flood of new information regarding the game.

Let’s start with Quiet, the scantily clad sniper and the all new buddy-buddy system. Quiet, along with Snake’s eyepatch-wearing dog, is one of a number of “buddies” the player can take along on missions to help them out and lets be honest when they look as good as this they can even come home with us.

Metal Gear Solid 5 - Konami
Metal Gear Solid 5 - Konami

Kojima said Quiet’s concept is “nudity” and “a naked sniper,” and that there’s a surprising explanation for why she looks the way she does. This explanation relates to a “weakness” in her character which will be revealed during the game.
Quiet can scout ahead, tagging enemies for Snake, and provide covering fire. In demos, you can hear her hum to indicate she has reached a desired position. Players can select targets for Quiet to shoot, including using grenades.

Like other buddies, Quiet’s abilities increase as her bond with Snake strengthens; you can’t even bring her on missions if she and Snake aren't friends yet. Buddies are entirely optional in gameplay, and you can even avoid meeting them altogether – but they open subplots if you do track them down. The buddies can also die – including the dog and horse.

MGS 5 Phantom Pain - Snakes dog
MGS 5 Phantom Pain - Snakes dog

This won’t affect the main plot of the game, so you won’t get a game over screen, but it is permanent.

Players can bring along multiple buddies; there are four seats in the chopper aside from Snake’s. At present, the identity of all the buddies has not been confirmed, but Ocelot is not available. This may change before release, though.

Enjoy crystal clear, HD game shots straight from Konami's office! -

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