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Sure, there's been a remake and a sequel to the remake that had absolutely nothing to do with the first film, but now there is going to be a real sequel.

Meir Zarchi is returning to direct I Spit On Your Grave: Deja Vu and Camille Keaton is returning to star in the film. My head might just explode over this news. One of the greatest rape-revenge movies is getting a sequel and it's from the writer/director of the original!

I repeat, this movie has no ties to the 2010 remake or 2013 sequel from Steven R. Monroe.

Written by Zarchi, Deja Vu will focus on Jennifer Hills after her rape. She writes a best-selling account of her nightmare and the trial that followed after she took justice into her own hands. Found not guilty of the the revenge killings, the relatives of the four rapists are incensed that she is not held responsible. You know what that means: more people handing out their own brand of justice.

The idea of Zarchi and Keaton returning to a story 36 years later is endlessly intriguing to me and I cannot wait to see how they tackle this. What do you think about this? Are you excited for a direct sequel to the cult classic or do you find it unnecessary?



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