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"Martial Arts Kid" Co-Producer Ryan Westheimer has been involved with Hollywood for over two decades - and says reuniting with an old friend helped him get involved with a film he feels may be his most "amazing" yet.

"Michael Baumgarten (the Writer/Director of "The Martial Arts Kid") and I have known each other for about twenty years. Back in the day...(we were doing) a whole bunch of movies in Orlando Florida."

"Ever since then, we haven't had the opportunity to work together on different kinds of projects", says Westheimer. "(But then) he e-mailed me right before this (film) and said, '" We can really use your help on this' and I met with him about the project and jumped onboard. "

Westheimer, perhaps best known for the 2011 films "Killer Joe" and "Arena", says once committing to the project and reuniting with Baumgarten, he could tell "The Martial Arts Kid" was going to be special.

"Then I met ("The Martial Arts Kid" Producers) James (Wilson) and Cheryl (Wheeler-Duncan) and i got this great vibe", says Westheimer. "Such a passion and excitement to do something special - and I can see that excitement. I can see that in their approach to the film."

"I could see how amazing it was", continued Westheimer. "In regards to the martial arts community with Don (Wilson, one of the film's headliners) and everybody. It was this family thing where everybody was going to come out of the woodwork and support this thing. A perfect example of that was the success of our Kickstarter campaign."

"Cynthia (Rothrock, another of the film's headliners) and everybody just came out (and showed me this was) going to be an amazing thing", Westheimer concludes. ""That's really what drew me to these amazing people - family and friends coming together to make this really cool project."

"The Martial Arts Kid" is scheduled to hit theaters in 2015.


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