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Bettina Walker

Memo to the MCU-

Rumor has it that the great Hugo Weaving has no interest in reprising his role as Red Skull. Well, we might have found your replacement in the form of rising German character actor, Richard Sammel, who first came to prominence in the Inglorious Basterds where he played ill fated, stoic Sgt. Rachtman. And now co-stars on The Strain as the scene stealing, gleefully evil Thomas Eichorst.

Nothing against Hugo Weaving, who is great, but it should serve as a lesson, that just because someone is a big catch doesn't mean that they are willing to stick around forever, and there is plenty of upside with this pick.

What do you all think? Sound good, or who would you choose instead?


Would Richard Sammel make a good Red Skull?


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