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The original Mortal Kombat film is awesome, while the second isn't as great, I still like that one too. But I'm sure a more recent movie would be 5x better with the right director. So here are a few reasons on why 'A New Mortal Kombat Film Is Needed Now More Than Ever'.

1. Action / Fighting Movies Are At The Top Of Its Game

That's right, superhero films count for this category as well. Fighting orientated movies are extremely frequent, and though not all of them are successful, I'm sure a modern Mortal Kombat movie would be THE thing to see on a weekend. Imagine the the amazing fighting sequences or even getting to see your favorite character put the their full ability? I get excited just thinking of the potential..

2. Technology

Relating to the first reason, because we have the ability to show basically anything we want on film with this little thing called CGI; we'd be able to display anything thought impossible 20 years ago with this movie. Meaning a film of a more brutal nature can be made. Just think of the fatalities..

3. Great Story

Unlike many other games, Mortal Kombat actually has a very well put together and universally known plot. One that I won't reveal for the very few that might not know it. But depending on the directorial choices made during the making of the film, you can be sure to get at the very least 5 or 6 incredible movies to watch at your local theater.

4. Already Popular

Mortal Kombat
Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat has come to be known as possibly the greatest fighting game, and one of the best video games ever. Not only are Scorpion and Sub-Zero household names, but most of the main characters too. So out of curiosity, I think plenty will want to see a new movie. Especially with the examples I gave above.

And those are just a few reasons on why I personally think a new Mortal Kombat movie would be an incredible addition to your long list of anticipated films for the years to come.


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