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A couple of weeks back Mezco Toys announced that they would be releasing a great range of collectibles and mini figures based upon the incredibly creepy doll 'Annabelle' from 2013's smash hit The Conjuring. The company has also just announced that brand new Annabelle 'Living Dead Dolls' are to be put on sale, and you can find them in stores at the end of the year!

While I've never personally been a big fan of the Living Dead Doll series, I think this one is quite possibly their best effort - and I also find it sort of cute. I would say it looks more like the actual character than any of their other dolls, so I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for when they go on sale!

From the press release :

Horror fans first entered the world of the paranormal investigation team the Warrens in 2013 with THE CONJURING. Terrified theatergoers couldn’t get enough of the twisted tale, helping it become one of the highest grossing horror films of all time according to Forbes magazine.
Annabelle, the doll so evil even the Warrens were afraid of her, now returns to the big screen in ANNABELLE, a film dedicated to her terrifying origin. First introduced in THE CONJURING, the upcoming ANNABELLE tells a tale filled with malevolent entities and killer cultists.
Mezco Toyz is no stranger to the world of the bizarre, the shapeless form in the shadows, and the whisper in the dark… so clearly there is no better choice for a producer of THE CONJURING and ANNABELLE merchandise.
Mezco’s award-winning design team has already begun creating an Annabelle version of their world record-holding Living Dead Dolls and has many more scares tucked away for the future.
Mezco’s unholy collectibles of the damned will arrive in stores in late 2014.

Annabelle arrives in US theatres October 3rd, 2014


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