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My favorite movie is Dark Knight, Im a huge marvel fan, and I want to be a comic writer!
Acen Chambers

The pilot of has Gotham just aired tonight on fox. Gotham follows James Gordon as he begins his detective career at Gotham and his first case is the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne. Ben Mckenzie is great as Jim Gordon and definitely shows all the qualities of being an honest and noble cop in a city full of criminals and crooked police. Harvey Bullock(Jim's partner) and Jim have good chemistry for a first pilot and show potential to grow even better. The pilot did a great job of introducing the supporting characters such as Fish Mooney, who's character I actually liked very much. From first impressions I though Fish would be a cliche female in power but she added to the story and showed she is not one to messed with.

And of course the best part of gotham was the scene stealer Osward Cobblepot,"Penguin"! Casting Robin Lord Taylor as Penguin was perfect. He looks just like penguin without looking to cartoony and he definitely shows a lot of potential of being fan favorite(I know he is mine). There wasn't many problems with this pilot but there were some such as Selina Kyle, the little girl running around in all black. I really didn't enjoy this part of the show because it didn't add anything and had no development to her character. I'll give Gotham an 8.5/10, I'm very excited to see the next episode and to see where Penguin's character goes from here.


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