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With all the news about Aquaman appearing in the much-anticipated [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870), one can argue that Aquaman is basically confirmed to be in DC's planned cinematic universe. More recently, a fan theory has been spreading around on sites like Cinemablend, MTV, and HitFix. This theory suggests that Aquaman not only exists in the DC cinematic universe, but that he played an important role in the first Man of Steel movie.

After the scene where Clark Kent, before becoming Superman, saves a group of workers from a burning oil rig, he falls into the ocean. As he lays underwater, a group of whales passes by above him, and their calls can be heard. The scene can be seen in the video below:

So why would the filmmakers randomly show a group of whales floating above Clark when it has no relevance to the story? Could it be director Zack Snyder trying to make the scene look more "epic," or could it be a hint at the future of DC's cinematic universe?

These questions have lead to the following hypothesis: the whales were sent by Aquaman to save Clark from drowning (assuming that Superman can drown, of course). As many of us already know, Aquaman possesses the ability to communicate with marine life. That, of course, includes whales.

Now, one can argue that there was no way Aquaman could know who Clark was, as he is not from Krypton and Clark had not donned the suit at that point in the film. Perhaps to Aquaman, it was just an average, everyday act of heroism. He knew that the oil rig was on fire and that there would be people in danger of burning or drowning, and animals in danger from the exposed oil in their habitat.

Superman, Aquaman, and Sea Life
Superman, Aquaman, and Sea Life

Still others are skeptical, with one comment on YouTube saying the following:

Aquaman did NOT send those whales to check if superman was okay. They showed a mother whale with it's child to show that the love between a parent and their kids are universal no matter what you are. This scene was beautiful. I also loved the flashback Clark had just before when his mother came to his school to calm him down and let him know that she would always be there for him. Martha is such a great mom. Clark is so blessed to have her in his life.

Who knows? Perhaps this can all lead to a big revelation in a future film that it was [Aquaman](movie:264237) who sent the whales that day. I can already hear Superman saying: "It was you...the sent them." That would be quite jubilant to hear, but for now, a hypothesis is still just a hypothesis. Whether we see Aquaman in the near future or not, there is no definite way of proving it until the future films come out.

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