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Most of you should know by now that I am a DC nut, I love ALMOST anything DC related and I am always interested in seeing a new TV show or Movie based on my favourite superhero universe. When I first heard about Gotham, the castings, the official stills of the city itself, etc., I was sold. Then the trailers came out and I was even more hooked into anticipation for this game.

The first episode premiered tonight and flat-out: I loved this pilot. Brilliant start that set up an entire episode of thrilling action, great dynamic between main characters, plenty of Easter eggs for nerds to squee about, stories that I've wanted to see done right for years, and a satisfying set up for more episodes to come.

Back in 2011, the Arrow pilot was a huge disappointment to me but I gave the show four more episodes before it hooked me in. Gotham on the other hand had me hooked since the beginning when I saw what has got to be the most perfect version of Gotham City. The Dark Knight Trilogy was basically Chicago with no changes, The Tim Burton movies' version of Gotham was just a matte painting, and Schumacher...well less said the better. In this show Gotham still has that old Gothic architecture along with a modern twist which reminds me of Batman the Animated Series quite a bit.

First let's go over the characters:

First there is Ben Mackenzie as Jim Gordon.

In this episode alone, I think this is my favourite version of Gordon. He has the look, he has the attitude, the great fighting skills, and the morality. Put that mustache on his lip and call him Commissioner because he is great.

Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock

First we had the perfect Gordon, now we have the perfect Bullock. He's a tough veteran detective so he can be a bit of pain but he is a good man. Logue played the attitude of Bullock wonderfully and I can't wait to see how he changes throughout the seasons.

Bruce Wayne

Wasn't too sure what to expect from this kid but I was surprised that he pulled of Wayne pretty well. He does Bruce Wayne how I expect Bruce Wayne to be: start off sad and scared but then he becomes emotionless as he tries to conquer fear. It's something that I felt was missing from Batman Begins was that he did not begin his training until he was an adult whereas I prefer that he started when he was a child. He did a good job, interested to see more from him.

Selina Kyle

She doesn't say much (by that I mean nothing at all) but her introduction was great as we see her stealing things to survive and move across Gotham rooftops with her great agility and speed. Her "suit" is creative and I think she looks the part. In terms of acting, I'm not sure yet. have to wait a few more episodes.

Sean Pertwee as Alfred Pennyworth

Not much to say about him except he looks the part. His attitude towards Bruce is a little off but I did enjoy seeing the brother of the Doctor known as the Butler....come on I had to do it.

Jada Pinkett Smith as Fish Mooney

Eh...typical villainess who's only here to set up the Penguin as a villain. Speaking of...

Oswald Cobblepot

At first he was kind of weird but he sold me VERY quickly. He is sickly looking, he has a beak nose, he does the Penguin wobble well, the way he eats violently was kinda scary, and he was just a creepy little thug. He was set up greatly and I can't wait to see what happens with him.

Renee Montoya is in the show and I wasn't happy with her character. I remember Montoya as a cool rookie cop who was always on Gordon's side. In this she's a Major Crimes Unit officer who tries to make Gordon seem bad so that irritated me. Ivy Pepper AKA Poison Ivy in the future was in there for thirty seconds and she's New 52 Ivy so...yeah. Tom Falcone made an appearance and they adapted this character to a T. Edward Nigma appears as the forensics scientist for the GCPD and the character looks and acts the part greatly but I need to see more episodes with him considering he was there for thirty seconds. Barbara Gordon Sr. was in the episode and...meh; need to see more episodes to judge her.

The episode was actually well filmed and directed, it felt more like a cop show than a superhero show which I enjoyed since that's what it should feel like instead of just a Batman prequel. The action scenes were filmed greatly and they didn't resort to the Nolan style trick of filming everything so up close that you can't see a thing. I definitely got a J.J. Abrams meets Guy Ritchie feel to the directing.

I will avoid spoilers for now so I will just say that overall that this is one of the best pilots I have ever seen, especially in comparison to Agents of SHIELD's pilot which I consider to be the worst pilot I have ever seen even though the show got better. I give Gotham's Pilot a High Gold.

What were your thoughts? Love or hate? Let me know down in the comments below!


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