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So, Gotham has finally arrived - and if you didn't get the chance to see it last night, feel free to head directly to your nearest available TiVo-type arrangement. We'll wait.

OK then, everyone with us? Well, all caught up in the excitement of the all-new, all-gloomy proto-Batman series, we here at Moviepilot decided to take a closer look at some of the awesome Easter eggs hidden within the show's debut episode. And wouldn't you know it - there are loads of them.

(Note, SPOILERS for Gotham's first episode obviously abound below, along with hints of what's to come...)

First up:

Catwoman (On the Prowl)

The very first character we see on screen, Selina Kyle has had a role of varying importance in the Batman universe up until now - but does her prominence here - and expanded links to young Bruce Wayne - suggest she'll be crucial to the show's overall narrative?

Plus, she seems to have a thing for:

Classic Bat-Friendly Gargoyles

Because without Gargoyles, where will young Bruce Wayne ever learn to lurk menacingly? Also, that bit with Alfred telling Bruce to get off the roof? Ahem.

Crucially, though, how will Bruce manage without a:

Portentous Cape

A visual touch added to the crime scene sequence that - you'd have to imagine - is going to recur throughout the series. As, it would seem, will:

A Whole Lot of Bat-Symbolism

Like, for instance, that distinctly bat-symbol shaped framing of Bruce Wayne screaming...

Speaking of recurring themes that'll set up the long-running mythos, how about...

The Inspiration For Batman

The nature of Jim Gordon's speech to young Bruce seems to suggest that he'll be a major influence in the development of the junior Wayne into Batman - a distinct change from his traditional comic-book origins.

Someone who clearly hasn't changed all that much from the source material, though, is:

The Ever-Incorrigible Harvey Bullock

Who, you suspect, is going to end up recreating that classic cover pretty much every other week...

Renee Montoya and Crispus Allen

Will the Gotham Central stalwarts end up being some of the first season's main antagonists, with their investigation into Gordon and Bullock?

And Speaking of Montoya...

It's good to see that the show-runners are keeping her comic-book sexuality, as well as documented substance abuse problems, in the show. Especially because it provides her a link to:

Barbara Kean (aka, The Love Interest)

Who seems to live in an apartment with a built in clocktower. Which would just be a case of seriously strange architecture, if it wasn't for one thing: her comic-book daughter, Barbara Gordon? She totally based the Birds of Prey superhero team out of a Gotham City clocktower. Can anyone say foreshadowing?

Speaking of which...

The Penguin is Already The Penguin

Well, firstly, they actually called him Penguin. Which is awesome. But secondly - you get the distinct impression that whole umbrella thing is going to become a major plot point at some future juncture. And even if not, it's still super-cool to see it. Plus, somewhat more covertly, there was another potential hint of things to come:

The Gotham City Casino

And, since in the original DC comics, the most notable Gotham casino was owned by - you guessed it - The Penguin, who wants to bet that there's more to come from the GCC?

The (Awesomely Annoying) Riddler obviously The Riddler. What with all the riddles.

Though, of course, we saved the best till last:

The (First?) Joker

The very first of what we've been promised will be weekly teases of The Joker, and his origins. This time, a struggling comedian, played by Jon Beavers. The reference? That's how The Joker first started out in his ret-conned, Alan Moore-authored Killing Joke origin:

And now? Now we just have to wait until next week for our second dose of [Gotham](series:1127075)-y awesomeness (and DC comics Easter eggs...


What do you guys think? Digging the Gotham Easter eggs so far?



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