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When it comes to Iron Man - and especially at the prospect of Iron Man 4 - there aren't too many things that won't get us here at Moviepilot all over-excited.

Movie news? Over-excited.

Sequel rumors? Over-excited.

Robert Downey Jr. being awesome (Preferably Featuring Mark Ruffalo)? Over-excited.

Awesome fan designs of the Iron Man armor?

Oh, you better believe it...

I mean, look at this new design by Artstation user Mars:

It's awesome.

And better yet, it's got all of us here at Moviepilot thinking about Iron Man 4 again. I mean, just look at it - it's got 'Tony Stark has to deal with previously unseen planetary-scale peril' written all over it.

Which, when we took a look at some of the artist's other designs, got us thinking: Wouldn't these all be perfect designs for (different versions of) Iron Man 4?

For instance:

An Interstellar, Guardians of the Galaxy Crossover-Featuring Iron Man 4

A Hardcore, Brutal, Real-Mandarin Led Terrorist Organization-Fighting Iron Man 4


A Back-to-Basics, Having to Rebuild the Armor from Scratch Iron Man 4

All of which, in turn, got us thinking about some of the other great fan-made Iron Man armor designs out there, and what awesome movies they would fit perfectly into.

Take Artsation artist S-Lpis, for example, whose work would make for a great:

Inter-dimensional, Mystical, Doctor Strange-Teaming-Up Iron Man 4

Or Clog Two's awesome super-sized designs, which suggest a:

War Machine-Led, Hulk-Busting, Giant Kaiju-Fighting Iron Man 4

With an Original Armor Shaped Twist...

Or, y'know what, possibly best of all - Khasis Lieb's epic imagining of a:

Fantastical, HBO-Co-Produced Game of Thrones-themed Iron Man 4

Aptly titled 'Tony Stark of Winterfell'... [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035) being so far away is even harder...


What do you guys think? Which Iron Man 4 would you most like to see?

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