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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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We all remember our first crushes from movies and TV as kids or restless teenagers. I'll admit, mine was definitely Pink Power Ranger.

Check out what some of our classic childhood crushes look like now!

The Girls

Buffy - Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Real Name: Sarah Michelle Gellar

OK, she's definitely drinking some sort of Wiccan elixir, because she looks exactly the same!


Dana Scully, The X Files

Real Name: Gillian Anderson

Oh, Scully. Still Queen Of My Heart, after all these years...


Pink Ranger - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Real Name: Amy Jo Johnson

She was smart, beautiful, funny...and kicked some serious ass.


Lisa, Weird Science

Real Name: Kelly LeBrock

True, even as a kid it slightly freaked me out that she was a weird sex robot thing conjured by two socially inept boys...There's no denying she's a babe, though!


Nadia, American Pie

Real Name: Shannon Elizabeth

I mean, you just KNEW that Jim was a douche, and this heavenly woman should run away with you...


Jet, Gladiators

Real Name: Diane Youdale

Gladiators was the most thrilling show ever...and as an added bonus, full of women who were not only stunningly hot, but able to throw you across a room, too.


Marty McFly's Mom, Back To The Future

Real Name: Lea Thompson

I still remember just yelling at the TV: Don't kiss your mom! Don't kiss your mom! (I would totally have kissed her, though)


The Boys

Tommy Solomon, 3rd Rock From The Sun

Real Name: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

JGL has been busy doing sexy, serious work like Looper and Don Jon. But just look at Tommy Solomon. That dude always had swag.


Fox Mulder, The X Files

Real Name: David Duchovny

Oh, his lovely dreamy floppy hair! Then you grew up and realized he's kind of a crazy guy ranting about aliens...but still a babe!


Atreyu, The NeverEnding Story

Real Name: Noah Hathaway

Well, his look is a little different nowadays, but he's still rockin' the alternative vibe...


Alex, Final Destination

Real Name: Devon Sawa

Depending on your age, you might even have been a tiny, tiny kid with a crush on Devon Sawa in Casper!


Randy Taylor, Home Improvement

Real Name: Jonathan Taylor Thomas

'JTT' is still the smokin' babe he was on the cover of J-17 back in the day!


Who was your ultimate childhood/teen crush? Let us know in the comments!


Do you think these throwback crushes are still total babes now?


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