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Good news, Game of Thrones fans!

We've got our first good look at Braavos in the upcoming season 5 - courtesy of leaked images via - and from the looks of things, a whole lot could be about to change.

Now, from here on in, there are set to be a whole lot of potential (and a fair few definite SPOILERS for forthcoming seasons of Game of Thrones. As such, the ones that aren't just based on the images (and what we know from season 4 and earlier) have been SPOILER-protected, for added eye security...

Take a look at Arya:

Who, from the looks of things, isn't doing too well for herself on the streets of Braavos, with that cart being pulled behind her suggesting a fairly hand-to-mouth existence.

As well as, for readers of the novels, suggesting that Arya's 'Cat of the Canals' plot thread - in which she is initiated into the guild of the Faceless Men, and pretends to be a street urchin - has survived into the series relatively unscathed.

It also seems as though Arya is about to come into contact with a certain Tycho Nestoris - seen to the right of the picture below - or, at least, to end up near him.

And, in fact, from the looks of it, Meryn Trant (the Kingsguard to the right of the picture)...

...and Mace Tyrell...

...two characters who must have some serious business with Nestoris to have come all the way to Braavos to discuss it with him. Something to do with a loan to the Iron Throne, perhaps?

All of which is equally perplexing to anyone who's read the novels, since they don't make the journey in the books. A possibility? That Mace is being sent to Braavos to negotiate the Iron Throne's debts instead of his besieging Storm's End as he does in the novels - presumably to reduce the number of extraneous sieges next season. It also suggests that Harys Swyft, who performs a similar task in the novels, might not get the chance to on screen...

The big one, though, is this:

It looks as though Tyrion might just have found his way to Braavos, too. Could the show be planning another crossover between far-flung characters?

And, more specifically, does the departure of Varys with Tyrion mean the show is now going to skip his time in Pentos altogether, and begin Tyrion's journey to Volantis (with his new band of cohorts) from Braavos instead? If so, the distinctly drunk and despondent Tyrion would make a whole lot of sense...

Of course, the shot of Tyrion could also easily be intended to be in an entirely different city, but the leaking of the images at roughly the same time does suggest at least the possibility of a crossover.

The only problem now? We still have to wait until the Spring for [Game of Thrones](movie:817617)' fifth season to arrive!


What do you guys think? Is Braavos about to get seriously full of GoT characters?



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