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Karly Rayner

After months of hardcore blogging about TVD and years of fandom, you would think I know Nina Dobrev inside out, but it turns out I'm not as much of an expert as you might think!

Our favorite [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) starlet took to Instagram to post a selfie this weekend, but at first glance the 25-year-old actress was almost unrecognizable.

See if you can beat me at my own game and spot what's wrong in the picture below;

Nope, it's not a stand in or an evil twin (Katherine's dead, remember!), Nina has just opted to confuse the hell out of us all by changing her eye color.

Instead of rocking her usual deep chocolate brown eyes, Dobrev has made a sneaky switch to dark blue thanks to some colored contacts.

What do you guys think of Dobrev's new look? Totally classy or a little bit cheap?


Nina Dobrev's new look is...

(Source: Wet Paint)


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