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The guys that work tirelessly behind the scenes to bring us The Vampire Diaries and The Originals will be undertaking a 5K walkathon to honor Sarah Jones, the camera assistant who died this February.

Jones was previously a crew member on [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853), but she tragically died age just 27 after being hit by a train while filming scenes for the movie Midnight Rider in Georgia.

After Jones' death, industry insiders have held numerous vigils and charity events to raise awareness of the importance of on-set safety measures for crew members.

Sarah Jones
Sarah Jones

Pressure to complete scenes in an allocated number of days or hours often leads to crew members being forced to take risks to get the job done, which can sometimes prove to be fatal.

To continue to remind people of the life-or-death importance of adequate safety provisions, the event will be live-Tweeted and money will be collected via online donation links.

After Sarah's death earlier this year, Ian Somerhalder spoke out to express his sadness at such a needless loss of young life. He Tweeted;

My heart is heavy-the TVD fam&I lost a very dear sister of ours.An amazing woman,leaving us too soon.Hug your loved ones,hug them so tightly


Do you think safety on TV and movie sets is adequate?

(Source: Variety)


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