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Thomas (Dylan O'Brien) wakes up inside a rusty elevator called the "The Box" and with no memory of his Identity, "The Box" reaches the surface which the boys who live in there call the Glade.Upon learning that the other boys had suffered the same fate as his, he is prohibited entry into a wall like tall structure called the Maze. What is the Maze all about and why is it so dangerous forms the rest of the story?


Dylan O'Brien as Thomas- Even though it is probably the most important character in the character , it doesn't offer much scope for a larger than life performance , Dylan's performance was very natural , that is good enough for an actor with relatively less experience.

Aml Ameen as Alby - Alby is projected as the leader of the boys of Glade , Aml's strong screen presence makes him apt for the role.

Hi Hong Lee as Minho - Hi Hong Lee's character shares a few initial important scenes with Thomas , his fear driven rage like expressions were good.

Blake Cooper as Chuck- This little guy's role is pretty small yet , he also has his own share of important moments , and he does his role well.

Chris Sheffield as Ben - He only appears for 2 scenes , yet he is perhaps the only actor in the film to perfectly redefine the term insanity , he did his role well but yet I feel he is better suitable for the main villain role.

Will Poulter as Gally - He is the main villain of the film , yet his performance is below par the requirements , he misses eye contact , screen presence is weak , in by all ways a miscast.


Background Score-Sufficient

Production Design- One of the best ever for an adventure based young adult film adaption ever , just behind The Hunger Games.

VFX a.k.a CG- The Special Effects were good enough to make THE MAZE look very real yet The Grievers look more like Giant Spiders with Crab like limbs , looks unreal at some sequences , those artificial intelligence based hollow graphic computers look very similar to the ones in The Hunger Games , doesn't make much of a difference.

Cinematography- One of the best camera works of recent times , with rich visuals , and sharp handling in blink and miss sequences , one of the best cinematography in Maze like Structures After Inception.

Writing & Direction - The Screenplay was good , the director Wes Ball did a fine job , his dark toned narration is on par with films like World War Z and good enough to keep the viewers engaged.

Thumbs up:-

1) Dark Toned Narration

2) Rich Visuals

3) Cinematography

4) Production Design of THE MAZE

Thumbs down:-

1) Gally's role miscast

2) Minor Special Effects flaws

3) Nothing much new to offer

The Final Word:-

The Maze Runner is watchable for its strong acting performances, narration, rich visuals. Just give it a try.

Rating: 7.5/10


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