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Scottish comedian Billy Connolly thinks that during his last phone call with long time friend Robin Williams, the actor tried to say goodbye to him. In a heartbreaking interview to the Telegraph, Connolly divulged details of his life, career, health, and his last call with Williams. He spoke of how they frequently told one another they loved each other, and were more like brothers than friends.

"I never stopped it and he never stopped telling me. As a matter of fact, I thought afterwards he tried to say goodbye to me, because he got very luvvie towards the end. It’s fanciful but that’s what I told myself. On the last phone call he said, ‘I love you like a brother’ and I said, ‘I know you do’ and he said, ‘Are you sure you know?’ and I said, ‘Yes’. Robin worried about everything.”

Both comedians had been diagnosed with early on-set Parkinson's disease, with Connolly being diagnosed with Parkinson’s, deafness, and prostate cancer all in the space of one week.

“We used to talk about Parkinson’s a lot. He would call me and we would compare notes. His was early onset, the same as mine. Everybody worries about it. It’s like a mugger following you around.

The pair, like a lot of comedians, both suffered and battled against depression, and although a representative of Williams stated the actor had "been battling severe depression of late," Connolly opted to remember his friend as a "happy comedian."

“He was my pal. He was not always depressed. He was a complicated man, but a beautiful person. He was a joy.”

Robin Williams was found dead in his Marin County, Calif. home on Aug. 11. A coroner determined his death was "a suicide due to asphyxia." Upon hearing the news, the world entered into a shared time of mourning, portraying the impact that Williams had on the lives of millions of people. A true comical genius, his brilliance will sadly be missed and happily remembered.

"No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world."

Robin Williams

Robin Williams
Robin Williams

Source: Telegraph


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