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[Shame The Devil](movie:1390141) tells the story of a London Detective who is tracking a serial killer who employs a "truth or die" method, in which telling the truth is your only way to survive. As the killer draws closer, the detective becomes obsessed with the case and tries to find out what his personal ties to the killer are. After being present for multiple murders he is removed from the case and his hunt leads him across the ocean to New York to seek help from an old friend.

The film is done in the style of the [Saw Reboot](movie:555472) films and presents itself in this fashion from the start of the movie. A man wakes up strapped to a chair and a lie detector machine which is rigged to a shotgun will trigger if the man tells a lie. All of the kills are in fact done in this trap sort of way with the victim having a chance to save themselves by telling the truth and 'shaming the Devil', although none seem to be able to do this. The film also tones down the gore and torture aspect that is pretty commonplace in the "Saw" style films. The Killer is seemingly motivated by religion as a motive to try and stop the wrongs he feels are being committed and the film is very heavily filled with Catholic imagery. The movie does have a pretty interesting and crazy ending but seems to take a while to get there.

Victim in collar
Victim in collar

The film was generally enjoyable and kept me interested throughout. Some of the scenes were very tense and it did really make you want to figure out what was going on. I really enjoyed the ending but it seems like it gives itself away too early; not very early, but a few minutes before it really should. There a a few things that could have been done without. One of which is the reoccurring cutbacks to the same scenes; it happens often and gets redundant. Also a few of the character motivations aren't quite realistic about some minor choices they make.

The film was done on a lower budget but doesn't suffer for it. Most likely because writer/director, Paul Tanter has experience working in the lower budget range. The acting is solid and the story is interesting but could have benefited from a bit more polishing. It's also worth mentioning that horror icon Doug Bradley has a role in this film which is pretty awesome if you ask me.

All in all the film is worth checking out and is a nice little entry in the serial killer and Saw style genres. You can watch the trailer here if you haven't seen it.


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