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After waiting for Nine Whole Months, the [Sleepy Hollow](series:839489) season two premiere did not disappoint. There was none of that ignoring all of the cliffhangers that they left us with at the end of the first season. Nope, they dove right in and told us what Ichabod and Abbie have been enduring while Abbie is trapped in Purgatory and Ichabod is trapped in that awful coffin; all at the hands of Henry, the Sin Eater and Horseman of War. Oh and he's Ichabod's son, too.

Oh Ichabod Crane, how I have missed all of your sassy and hilarious quips. He considers himself 'Punk'd" by the occurrence of a surprise party, becomes irritated with "birthday madness", has no idea how to put a car into reverse and he has a serious problem with Mr. Benjamin Franklin. How Crane manages to be snooty, yet funny, is just one of the many mysteries of Sleepy Hollow. Every time Ichabod points out a peculiar habit of our current times, I just know that we have all fallen in love with him a little bit more.

Sleep Hollow
Sleep Hollow

Of course nothing is what it initially seems and Ichabod and Abbie are being tricked by Moloch and Henry to reveal the hiding place of Benjamin Franklin's key. This key allows more than one soul to enter or exit purgatory. (Enter Law & Order gavel bang.)

Thankfully, Ichabod realizes that he is, indeed, still in that coffin and he finds an exceptionally clever way to escape. In a moment of emotional transparency, Ichabod tries to leave a heartfelt message to Abbey via his iPhone only to have that damn phone tell him that his memory is full. It is these little moments that keep Sleepy Hollow special. Ichabod and Abbie are one of the best couples to happen to supernatural television since Mulder and Scully. Don't even try to tell me that you didn't swoon when Ichabod said, "If there is one thing that Ichabod Crane will not accept, it is 'goodbye'."

Sleep Hollow
Sleep Hollow

Sidenote; Henry getting uber excited over those plants growing without real sunlight was VERY Walter Bishop. O.K. That is all.

Sleep Hollow
Sleep Hollow

Katrina with the Headless Horseman is interesting, but I hope that this doesn't get dragged out for too long. Aw, and swoon over Officer Brooks helping Abbie just to remind himself that he's still human, that he still has a small amount of free will.

You've just got to love Jenny telling Ichabod that she's in a spot of trouble, but she's working on getting herself out. No damsels in distress on this show, thank you very much. Jenny and Abbie work with Ichabod as equal partners; not silly females who need him to direct them in the proper direction. Yay strong female characters and the men who are not intimidated by them!

Although comparisons to Supernatural are exceptionally easy to make with Sleepy Hollow, the show has it's own feeling and it's own ways of making you completely understand every crazy puzzle put in front of our characters and every outlandish roadblock. These characters are so lovable and although some of the surrounding lore can be a little bit over the top, it is never hard to follow. Bonus, we now know the rules of Purgatory and we know that it's just a big, creepy looking forest. Well, all forests are creepy. I wonder, did Sleepy Hollow and Supernatural confer with Pope Francis over the aesthetics of Purgatory?

Only one episode into it's second season, Sleepy Hollow is as wonderful to settle back into as pulling out your favorite autumn sweater. It's just good stuff.

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