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In 2016, Twentieth Century Fox will release two X-Men movies. One is the long awaited Deadpool movie and the other is the follow up to X-Men: Days of Future Past - X-Men: Apocalypse. The events of Days of Future Past effectively rebooted the film franchise, while keeping true to the films that came before it. Screenwriter Simon Kinberg and director Bryan Singer not just rebooted the film franchise, but also the X-Men timeline. J.J. Abrams did the same thing with the Star Trek film franchise, so it's good to see the same alternative timeline element used with the X-Men franchise.

Producer Lauren Shuler Donner should also get some credit for successfully re-casting a majority of the characters in the X-Men series such as Charles Xavier, Erik Lehnsherr, and Raven Darkhölme. Re-casting Patrick Stewart, Sir Ian McKellen, and Rebecca Romijn with James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, and Jennifer Lawrence was a very smart decision. Other staples of the franchise remained in Days of Future Past, but according to Simon Kinberg, those last remaining mutants might be re-cast for Apocalypse.

X-Men: Days of Future Past
X-Men: Days of Future Past

In an interview with Yahoo!, Kinberg confirmed that if the mutants Storm, Cyclops, and Jean Grey would appear in the new film, they would also be re-cast with younger actors. Kingberg explained:

"If we included some of the original X-Men like Storm and Jean and Scott and other in Apocalypse, yeah we'd have to recast them, as Apocalypse takes place a good twenty years before [the first] X-Men, which was now, insanely, a good ten to fifteen years ago.

It would be really hard to do. Halle (Berry) and Famke (Janssen) and Jimmy (Marsden) and others have done such wonderful jobs of bringing those parts to life, and are so identified with those parts now. So it would be a tall task. But I also would have said before First Class that there would be no actors who can stand alongside Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart."

While it's unlikely producers would re-cast Hugh Jackman, who has played Wolverine in every X-Men movie, we most likely will not see Halle Berry, James Marsden, and Famke Janssen in Apocalypse. Now that the X-Men timeline was reset at the end of Days of Future Past, here's who I think should play the new Storm, Cyclops, and Jean Grey.

Lupita Nyong'o as Storm/Ororo Munroe

Ever since Lupita Nyong'o's Academy Award winning performance in 12 Years a Slave last year, many Marvel fans wanted the Mexican-born Kenyan actress to play Storm in a new X-Men movie. While Halle Barry played Storm with an ambiguous and questionable African accent in the first X-Men movie, she dropped it for the subsequent sequels after Berry won an Academy Award. Although Nyong'o is now in Star Wars: Episode VII, maybe she could be in another big film franchise and make Storm AKA Ororo Munroe Kenyan again.

Emma Stone as Jean Grey

I'm in love with Famke Janssen! She's a really good actress and she's beautiful to boot! Janssen was born to play Jean Grey, but if producers want to re-cast the character, I think Emma Stone would make a really good Jean Grey too. Now that she won't be in The Amazing Spider-Man franchise anymore, Stone could take up another Marvel film property with Fox instead of Sony.

Alternatively: I can also see Rachel McAdams as Jean Grey too.

Ryan Gosling as Cyclops/Scott Summers

Now that I'm picturing Emma Stone as Jean Grey, I can't help but think of Ryan Gosling as Cyclops. One of the failings of casting James Marsden as Scott Summers in the original X-Men movies is that he never really had great on-screen chemistry with Famke Janssen (we can leave that passion and sexual tension with Hugh Jackman's Wolverine). Ryan Gosling already starred with Emma Stone in Crazy, Stupid, Love. and Gangster Squad, so let's seem them together again in X-Men: Apocalypse. They have great on-screen chemistry in both movies, so it would be good to see that translate to the X-Men franchise.

If Rachel McAdams is cast as Jean Grey, Ryan Gosling could still apply. Apocalypse could be like The Notebook only with mutant powers... and without Alzheimer's disease and dementia.


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