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I wish I could say this movie is just around the corner, but unfortunately, that is not the case.. This superhero epic is just under 2 years away.. *momentary crying*. However, 2 years leaves much anticipation to be built around the movie and with that in mind, I think we as the fans should vote for the coolest, most bad-a*s Batman costume to date. It can appear in comics, animations, movies, etc. Lets get started!

1. Batman Inc.

Batman Inc: the best Batsuit
Batman Inc: the best Batsuit

Batman Inc., otherwise known as Batman Incorporated is a very popular run of comics that featured one important aspect to the costume that makes it quite unique. That important aspect is the yellow, oval like crest in the centre of the costume. This one is one I quite like. I think the black with the yellow is very iconic and makes this a strong contender!

2. Batman Beyond

Batman Beyond: Batsuit for the future
Batman Beyond: Batsuit for the future

An extremely popular costume in the comic-book world, and rightfully so! This costume just screams awesome and boasts the most different of all the Batman costumes. The red is a sharp change to the usual accompanying colours associated with the Bats. I love this one ever since the cartoon years ago when I was younger, there's something so cool about it, the whole futuristic look is a major plus for me!

3. Christian Bale's Dark Knight

For this vote, we're going to completely disregard the Batman Begins costume with the silly neck mask that was very awkward for Christian Bale to move in.. I'm talking about the insanely armored, incredibly gritty costume for The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. This may be a lot of peoples favorites because it's new and recent for them, but I have to admit, I do love this costume and feel it will go on to be very iconic.

4. The Dark Knight Returns

Bigger, older and angrier. The very popular animated movie - The Dark Knight Returns (part 1 & 2) was a hugely successful Batman flick that featured an older retired Batman forced to return to the cowl. This costume is once again, awesome. The shorter ears and bulky bat-symbol make it incredibly recognizable and quite similar to Ben Affleck's costume in the upcoming, Batman v Superman. This one is the under-dog of the vote in my opinion.

5. Adam West Batman

As if your childhood strings weren't already plucked, I couldn't resist including the classic of all classics. The one that so many of you will be accustomed to as Bat-Fans. The eyebrows and super tight costume make for a nostalgic wonderful costume that deserves to be up there with the other top dogs.

6. George Clooney's Batman

You didn't really think I was going to leave this bad boy off the list did you? George Clooney's Batman had the perfect mix of pointy nipples along with a gajillion abs to his name. His shine off the suit is not the best feature for stealth, but hey, he looks fab! Is this one your guilty pleasure?

7. Michael Keaton Batman

This one is quite similar to the Batman Incorporated with a few tweaks and added nostalgia. The crest is fantastically iconic and the cape is ever so Batman-esque. The mask is probably my favorite of all the masks and I feel all the people who grew up with Keaton will be voting for this one.

8. Grey & Blue Classic

This one is the one I think of when I think of the Caped Crusader. The iconic yellow is still present and the blue compliments the grey so much to make for a superbly iconic costume. Can't forget that utility belt.


Which is your favorite Batman suit?


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