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It's getting close to Halloween once again and this year the costume ideas are still at a high level of both awesomeness and hilarity. I've decided to make a convenient top 10 of the costumes you should look at investing in. From impressing your friends with a great incarnation of your favorite TV star to being the comedy king at your local party with the most random costume possible. Here we go:

10. "Care Dudes"

The first entry on the list is one I've never seen before and I have to admit...I was pleasantly surprised with how funny it looks even though it is a smidge creepy.. Be warned, it will be hard to convince your friends to go along with this one..

9. Tooth Fairy

Like number 10, this one would be hard to get your friends to wear. But, you'd put Dwayne Johnson to shame with this costume and show him who the real tooth fairies are. This is one I've yet to see in real life, but it's a fantastic idea that could make you the random costume wearing winner at your local Halloween party.

8. Breaking Bad

Arguably, last year's most popular costume by a mile with the ending of the series, Breaking Bad is not out of our minds yet. You're sure to see tons of people with this costume again at this year's gatherings from people who either purchased the suit from the sale rack or are reusing the over-priced ones they bought last year. A classy costume idea for two friends wanting to look pretty boss. Have fun asking only one other friend to join in on this one, feelings will be hurt!

7. Khal Drogo

Number 7 in the list is the impeccably badass Khal Drogo from HBO's Game of Thrones. Muscles are a must, an impressive beard would be handy, and long hair makes for a perfect match. Knock all these factors together and you will steal the show this Halloween. You may even find your own Daenerys!

6. Black Widow

It's 2014, and the whole "sexy cat," "sexy witch," "sexy anything" trend is slightly declining. So why not go for a sexy costume without looking for too much attention. Look no further, Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow suit is the costume you need. A slim fitting spandex suit with red hair is immediately recognizable.

5. Rick Grimes

The Walking Dead. One of the most popular TV shows in the world because of it's intense, action packed plot...and, of course, Rick Grimes: the intense sheriff that doesn't take crap from anybody. This costume has been popular for quite some time, and with the show returning next month it will be quite likely to see a lot of Ricks around on Halloween.

4. Damsel in Distress

This has got to be the most random costume I've seen in quite a few years... and it won't be easy to make, but if you put in some effort you're sure to be the highlight of the party. You may even find a rescuer to help on your party night out.

3. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has sky-rocketed this past year, for good? not necessarily. She has been known to be a magnet to controversy and often rubs people the wrong way. Sometimes literally, *cough* Robin Thicke *cough.* This costume, along with ponytails and an annoying tongue stick out is the perfect way to stick out at the party. But try not to mimic her personality though...please.

2. The Joker

The most iconic costume of recent years will no doubt rise again this halloween. If you ace the scars, make-up, and hair you will be the coolest addition to the your Halloween get-together. Not an easy one to pull off, but you may find a Batman in the crowd to take some gold-worthy pictures with. Don't be thrown off by this amazing cosplayer below!

1. Elsa

Don't tell me you weren't expecting this to be #1? Elsa will be most likely to dominate our streets, parties, and homes with this insanely popular character costume being brought to life. So girls (and guys), you don't have many opportunities to dress as Elsa, so here's your chance. This Halloween will be known as Elsapalooza.

What do you guys think? Comment what you'll be doing and vote for your favorite on the list!


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