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With the second season of Agents of Shield ending only hours ago leaves fans at the edge of their seat. It starts off hinting the first team of Agents of Shield in 1942. If you caught it, we got a hint of Agent Carter and her start at Shield. We see two fimilar faces from Captian America: The First Avenger. With a mention of Tony Stark's father. The 1942 team recovers an "084" from Hydra. Which leads us back to present day, we get a look of a new Shield rising from the ashes of the old an redeeming themselves. Though they hide in the shadows of Talbot. Fitz is not recovering well from the lack of oxygen he suffered in the season one's finale. Skye is training along side May and we get to see some new faces of the new Shield. Coulson is busy at work hiring new members and trying to stay hidden from the Government. We are later introduced to a new bad guy. Well his character isn't new to some people. The Absorbing Man has made his way out of the comics and brought to life in this episode and what looks like many more to come. With a few hints of Ward mentioning how he has changed and wants to let Skye know about her father leaves fans with a question mark above their head. Marvel has to leave us wondering again about her father. With the team set on a mission to recover the 1942 "084", we get more insight on Fitz's condition from Coulson. Fitz has been isolated from the others recently and is talking to himself. He thinks Simmons is there, but we learn that she left...But where to? With Fury? More questions leaves fans wondering once again.

With the new faces emerging from the comics and more recent faces from the movies makes me think...Will we see more heroes and foes emerge from the pages of the comics? Could we have a crossover episode with Ant Man to welcome him to the Marvel Cinematic Universe? That would make more sense, since they did with Thor and Cap. But for right now lets focus on the new season and what is to come. Right now we are seeing the team go head to head with Hyrda and will be seeing more of Hyrda in later episodes. We will see a twist with Skye's past hopefully, we need answers. Along with the writing that Couslon and Garrett wrote on the wall, we should see some light to be shed on that matter. This may not be soon, but they can't leave us hanging. Now the new show with Peggy Carter, will we see more crossover episodes in the future? One episode in the past the next in the present? That would make it interesting. We saw her rag tag group of the 1942 Agents of Shield. Will they join her in her show Agent Carter or will she fly solo? With an impressive lineup of shows this fall this year seems like a good year for TV. We have Gotham on Fox which got high praise, and Sleepy Hallow which is also on Fox. The Blacklist on NBC the number one TV drama last season. Person of Interest, Hawaii Five-0, and Blue Bloods on CBS. Last but not least Agents of Shield, Agent Carter and Forever in ABC. With a honorable mention of Arrow and The Flash on the CW. Like I said a good year for TV.

Are you ready to watch the new Shield rise and crush Hydra in Agents of Shield? Maybe you want to see Detective Gordon go after the Penguin and others on Gotham? Or do you want to watch the evil, yet entertaining Raymond Reddington on the Blacklist? Whatever you want to watch, your in for a hell of a year. Anything you want to add or say about Agents of Shield or the other shows mentioned? Comment below, leave out insults.


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