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"Saturday, March 24th, 1984. Shermer High School. Shermer, Illinois. 60062."
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Humanity has been and can be, pretty brutal here in reality. But on film is where we unleash our worst fears and watch a realistic depiction of what it would it would be like in the theater. So here on this list I'm gonna list what I think have been the worst things to happen to humanity on film.

5. The Purge

I know you might be saying, 'why is this on the list'? So I'm going to give you a very brief reason on why. Imagine losing track of time while out somewhere on the night of the Purge. and trying to race home before time runs out. You don't end up making it and get attacked or possibly even murdered by some stranger with a mask. In the meantime you sit and remember you're just another innocent being killed for no reason, and that justice won't be served at all. By then I'm sure you'd be thinking humanity has gone to hell now wouldn't you?

4. Wiped Out By A Comet

In one of my favorite 80's flicks called ''Night of The Comet'', people everywhere in the world are expecting a beautiful viewing of a passing comet. Only to be completely destroyed by it as soon as it arrives in view. Afterwards, nothing is left of most except their clothing and dust. While a small amount turned into zombie like creatures, only a few survived due to being inside someplace. As for the rest of humanity....gone.

3. Alien Invasion

There is definitely something way out in space, and when it comes we can be sure we'll either love it, or hate it. For this article though I have to take notice of the horror aliens commit once they get here to earth. And basically millions upon millions of people are killed by weapons we can't yet handle. Forcing us to either let them take over, or die trying.

2. Zombie Apocalypse

One of the worst to ever happen to us, a zombie apocalypse is one of the most iconic fates of humanity in cinema. And is something lots of people actually want to happen. And to that I ask why? With an apocalypse like this, you have to be cautious sleeping, eating, breathing, walking, talking, everything. Not having a meal one or two days is the least of your worries. Especially when you remember your not a meal yourself.

1. The End Of the World

The worst scenario possible for humanity is of course the end of the world itself. Shown best in the movie 2012. Based off of that film, we would all die from things like Super-volcano eruptions, meteors, mega earthquakes, and of course mega tsunamis; And the worst part is all of it is possible. In conclusion I should state that basically everyone dies in this frightening event.

I know there are some I missed, so tell me which ones below.



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