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Frederick Charles Krueger AKA Freddy Krueger slashed his way through 8 movies and a remake with a body count of 43. The iconic glove didn't pierce as much flesh as Jason's machete, but Freddy held his own against the "King of Kills" in 2003's Freddy Vs. Jason and even posed as decapitated Pamela Voorhees just to taunt the hockey masked Goliath. That's the fun of Freddy, he's a homicidal maniac that will kill you in the most brutal of fashions... but does so with style and a quick, quotable one-liner. Jason and Michael Myers had brutality, massive violence and... well, masks. Freddy's face looked like a day old pizza that had been left out overnight and was proud of it. He took pleasure in stalking and scaring his victims before dispatching them. Was he as scary as Jason or Michael Myers or even Chucky-pre-Bride-of-Chucky? In my opinion, no. Not after the first film anyways. But, his kills were memorable for being so outside the box and strange. Anyone can smash a machete into someones face or carve up a naked couple in bed with a butcher knife, but it takes finesse to do what Freddy does.

So, without further ado, let's look at my top 5 Freddy kills!

5. Freddy gets his revenge on Nancy Thompson. Dream Warriors.

In A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors, Nancy returns as a counselor for the troubled teens at the mental hospital. She is also the only one who believes the kids stories about a creepy guy in their dreams trying to kill them. Freddy finally gets his revenge by disguising himself as her father then ramming his claws in her when she's off guard. It was a shocking send off to say the least.

4. Freddy makes a puppet out of Philip. Dream Warriors.

Sweet Jesus did this one make me cringe! It still does! In Dream Warriors, Phillip was a sleepwalker and a puppet master. Freddy decided to make his death interesting. After Freddy appears as a marionette, he grows to full size and walks Phillip up to a tower... By using his veins as marionette strings. (Shudders)

3. Debbie the cockroach. Dream Master.

Debbie was the jock chick and wasn't scared of anything... except roaches. And Freddy takes advantage of this fear by turning her into a grotesque insect and smashes her into goo in a roach motel... Yuck!

2. Glen becomes a blood geyser. A Nightmare on Elm Street

This one always stuck out to me. As a child, I could never figure out how they did this scene. Glen falls asleep listening to his headphones when Freddy pulls him through the bed. Nancy's boyfriend is then spewed out in a geyser of blood that splatters all over his room. See ya later Johnny Depp!

1. "Welcome to prime time bitch!" Dream Warriors.

This is my favorite kill of all the Nightmare films. The kill itself is simple, Jennifer, an aspiring actress gets her head shoved into a TV after Freddy pops out of the top and grows arms. It's the line that does it for me. The script was written to say, "It's you big break in TV." But, Mr. Englund decided to add the famous ad-lib that made this scene so memorable.

Well, that's my list and I hope you enjoyed it. What was your favorite Freddy kill? Let me know in the comments!

Honorable Mentions:

"Wanna Suck Face?"

"Wow, I beat my high score!"

Tina's Death


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