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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Sons of Anarchy Episode 3, 'Playing With Monsters' was real Old Skool SAMCRO action.

Jax seems almost his old self again now his vengeful streak against the Chinese is gathering force, and SAMCRO's new alliance with the One-Niners seems stable...for now.

Let's have a look at the Episode 3 Recap...

DEATH COUNT: 8 rogue one-niners. Also, the guy who hit Gemma might well be dead after the beating Jax gave him.

How This S**t Went Down

Jax is playing Puppeteer to the other gangs

Jax is widening divides between One-Niners against Marks, between Marks and the Chinese...SAMCRO killed 8 rogue One-Niners this episode as if it was nothing. He's in control at the moment, but for how long?


The new Sheriff seems co-operative

With Althea Jarry seeming to like Chibs and accept a bribe, and Charlie continuing to help the Sons, it looks as if law enforcement is not a problem for Redwood at the moment. Also, will Chibs just ask Jarry out, already?


Bobby chases up Gib O'Leary with Jury

Jury is still clutching Gib's dog tags and sobbing, while speaking to Bobby with a thinly veiled cold fury. A split within the Sons is not what SAMCRO need right now, but ultimately, I think Jury's anger may be more damaging to Jax than a whole bunch of gangland ruckus.


Most Important Quotes


Three Predictions

Jax is getting sloppy with his revenge on the Chinese

Smashing up Chinese-owned businesses around town just seems a little careless. This isn't a carefully organized hit, this is poking playfully at an angry dragon...


Juice is gonna cause trouble for Unser

Why the hell did Unser book Juice into the Motel under his name? Surely 'John Smith' or whatever would be safer? And why won't Juice just LEAVE TOWN? SAMCRO want him dead, and Gemma's patience is wearing thin.


Marks & Lin will figure this shit out, eventually

Charming is burning - and SAMCRO are the only crew not dropping like flies? Come on, Jax. Even Abel could figure this out.



Music Featured: Take Me Higher - Old Man Canyon, Paper Prince - Foy Vance

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