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I have a very particular set of skills. And one of them is appreciating these first-look images for upcoming Taken sequel Taken 3. Take a look for yourselves and tell me: Would the world be a more empty place if Liam Neeson hadn't gone to all that trouble in delivering his killer speech?

So, what're we seeing here? Well, less "taken" and more framed for murder, Taken 3 will see our grizzly protagonist forced to go on the run after he is falsely accused of homicide. As well as these debut images, we also have some brand new story details, courtesy of Neeson himself:

I have to go on the run, I'll put it that way, from the not-so-lawful types and the lawful authorities. Bryan Mills served his country faithfully, but now even they are after him. They must not like me...This time, no more traveling. If my daughter was 'taken' again on a trip, Bryan Mills would have to be certifiably locked up for bad parenting.

It's probably for the best that no one will actually be taken in the third flick, because as much as I loved Taken 2, I couldn't help but think it was a bit of a rehash of the first movie. From the way Neeson describes it, Taken 3 will be more of an on-the-run thriller, similar to the Bourne franchise.


Have these first-look images Taken your fancy?

(Source: Empire, USA Today)


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