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So, the first episode of Gotham has been and gone, and now we're left with days - honest to goodness, days! - to wait for the next installment of everyone's new favorite gritty comic-book police procedural.

And...that kinda sucks, because it was totally awesome. I mean, what's going to happen with the Penguin? With Fish Mooney? With the investigation into Bullock?

So. Many. Questions.

The biggest of them all, though?

Was that really the Joker we just saw?

Now, sure, word that Jon Beavers - one time star of Nickelodeon's The Fresh Beat Band - was set to play a struggling comedian in the Gotham premiere broke a few months back - and, sure, producer Bruno Heller admitted that they'd be including multiple teases of the villain throughout the series - but does that mean this definitely ISN'T the Joker?

After all, Beavers' character sure does seem to be mirroring (one of) the Joker's origin(s) pretty darned exactly.

Quick: flashback to 1988, and Alan Moore's iconic Batman one shot - The Killing Joke.

In guessed it...the Joker is originally a struggling comedian.

Just like the one in Gotham's pilot.

Now, there are obviously thousands of struggling comedians out there - and Gotham doesn't seem like it'd be a particularly easy town to be a stand up in - but even so, could this first glimpse of a potential Joker end up being an elaborate double bluff on the show's part?

As Gotham Producer Danny Cannon puts it:

"We're lucky in that television now is binge-watched by a lot of people, and the slow burn is now necessary...The great thing about the slow burn now is that we can take our time getting there and really draw people in, and earn the right to discover somebody who may or may not be the Joker."

Could the show-runners be planning on spending the next few seasons subtly teasing different origins for the Joker - before ultimately coming right back around to the struggling comedian they showed us right away, way back in the newly broadcast pilot?

If nothing else, it'd make for a seriously good twist...

Now, just to pretend that the wait for next Monday's [Gotham](series:1127075) (and the next Joker hint?) isn't already almost too much to bear...


What do you guys think? Was that the Joker in the Gotham pilot?



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