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Just when we were starting to forget Oberyn Martell getting his eyes gouged out by a murdering rapist built like a brick sh*t-house, BuzzFeed has gone and brought to our attention a host of very witty Game of Thrones related puns, in the writing style of trashy British tabloid newspaper The Daily Mail.

With Season 5 looming (it's looming, let me tell you), Game of Thrones fans like myself cannot help but chuckle at this collection of wordplay at its most cheesy. Take a look and see if this tickles you:

I was not ready for the second to last picture. Not ready at all. Prince Oberyn stills? IT'S STILL TOO SOON, DAILY MAIL!

What's your favorite piece of Daily Mail punnery?

(Source: BuzzFeed, The Daily Mail)


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