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You might have seen one of my previous posts regarding the best Teen Wolf protagonists. So, it was more than natural to make a similar ranking, but this time about the greatest villains of the show.

Thanks to Jeff Davies and all the people that have helped him pen this intriguing TV series, we have a whole cluster of villains, most of whom are fairly original and... well... abhorrent or at least terrifying!

Here are the best Teen Wolf villains so far:

P.S. Who is the best villain of the show, in your view? Leave your take in the comment section below!

12. The Mute (Joseph Gatt)

The Mute was a tough, uncompromising, and an intimidating assassin.

He appeared human except that he had no mouth, just smooth skin from his nose to his chin. He was a trained military fighter and used tomahawks to hack up his victims.

11. William Barrow (Doug Jones)

Doug Jones is such a talented and underrated thespian. His portrayal of a convicted mass murderer in the third season of the show, although short-lived, was particularly memorable.

10. Kali (Felisha Terrell)

Kali was a fascinating and vicious werewolf, who was a close ally of Deucalion (and often teased and cajoled him). Besides, she was always barefoot and used the claws on her feet to great effect in a martial arts style of fighting.

The perfect female werewolf?! (What do you think?)

9. The Kanima (Colton Haynes)

The Kanima was created in Season 2 when Jackson's emotional issues caused his body to reject the bite of an Alpha.

Instead of becoming a werewolf, Jackson transformed into a gigantic snake, which needs a master. We are led to believe that this shape reflected his inner turmoil and outward behavior. The Kanima was not only a simple shapeshifter, it was the ultimate weapon of vengeance!

8. The Oni

The Oni are a kind of supernatural tool summoned to perform a task without any personal motivation or animus. They are a force of nature and are filled with complete darkness.

Despite the fact that, the Oni are neither good nor evil they are way too badass to not make the list.

7. Darach (Haley Webb)

Is there a better way to hide your serial killer persona, than to pose as an innocent young teacher? I suppose not!

This was a part of the Darach's master plan which involved her pretending to be Jennifer Blake, an English teacher at Beacon Hills High School. Her real name was Julia Baccari and she was once the Druid Emissary to Kali's pack.

This villain was responsible for several ritualistic murders and even successfully charmed Derek at one point. Eventually, she was stopped (and brutally killed by Peter!)!

6. Kate Argent (Jill Wagner)

Kate is an iconic Teen Wolf character and was introduced in the show's debut season as the most wayward member of the Argent family.

Little did we know that, she was the main perpetrator for the fire that burned down the Hale house with a large number of the family locked inside.

At the end of the season Peter tore out her throat with a deep scratch but Kate's body began to heal and she fully recovered as a Werejaguar, faked suicide, and realized that she could control berserkers (and later learned that she could create them).

Kate is currently on the run from the Calaveras and her brother Chris and was one of the main antagonists in Season 4.

5. Deucalion (Gideon Emery)

Named after the son of Prometheus, this powerful Alpha was, according to Ms. Morrell, on a "narcissistically psychotic" mission to form the "perfect pack" and, to that end, wants a True Alpha like Scott to join him.

Depending on his loyal Alphas, mighty abilities and skills, tons of experience and of course, his cane and British accent, he was not far from achieving that feat.

Unfortunately for him, he could not accomplish the task of convincing Scott to join him. However, he completely restored his eyesight... and will hopefully return.

4. Peter HaIe (Ian Bohen)

You might remember that Peter also appeared at no. 3 in my ranking of the best Teen Wolf protagonists, but probably this is where he truly belongs.

Peter's immense lust for power and manipulative persona makes him the best Teen Wolf antihero.

3. Meredith Walker/The Benefactor (Maya Eshet)

For me Meredith is more annoying than terrifying, but she deserves a high place on the list because of the fact that she shocked everyone with her crafty plan.

While she was unconscious, Meredith was in the same room as a badly burned and comatose Peter Hale. She was able to pick up his thoughts through some unexplained means. Peter was unconsciously ranting about wanting to kill all the supernaturals in Beacon Hills.

It was Peter's "ravings" that planted the idea of The Dead Pool and the means to fund the entire "Benefactor" plan. He even provided the names of several assassins to carry out the killing.

Meredith knew Brunski was a serial killer and used him to carry out her plans.
She had him create a cassette to lure Kate Argent to open the Hale vault. Brunski then stole the $117 million in bearer bonds from the safe there.

Meredith then used Lorraine Martin's old computer drives and code to run the Dead Pool. Brunski put it online and set up automated payments to the assassins. "The Dead Pool" was a major threat before Stiles and Malia shut it down.

I have to say, not a bad plan for such an awkward girl...

2. Gerard Argent (Michael Hogan)

I believe that every fan of the show despised Allison's grandfather. After all, he is likely to be the most cunning, conniving, and violent hunter ever!

Gerard is another villain on this list who had a master plan - he was dying of cancer and decided that the supernatural was his only way to cure himself. After he has Scott make Derek bite him, his body rejects the bite violently because Scott and Deaton filled his cancer pills with Mountain Ash.

Fortunately, Scott managed to stop him, but not before Gerard unleashead complete chaos upon Beacon Hills as the Kanima's master.

1. Nogitsune/Dark Stiles (Aaron Hendry/Dylan O'Brien)

Take one of the nicest and most kind-hearted characters of the show and turn him into a stone-cold weapon of destruction and chaos.

That is exactly what the Nogitsune did to Stiles. The Nogitsune was overly fond of riddles and had various supernatural abilities such as: Causing mass hallucinations, emotional vampirism, possession and instantaneous transport.

All things considered, in my view, this is the greatest Teen Wolf villain so far.


The Berserkers

Brunski (Aaron Hendry)

Matt Daehler (Stephen Lunsford)

Ennis (Brian Patrick Wade)


Who is your favorite "Teen Wolf" villain?


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