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Already hailed as one of the goriest films of the year, Brian O'Malley's Let Us Prey has officially been picked up for distribution by Dark Sky Films on the heels of its Fantastic Fest debut. Starring a few genre favorites and loaded with blood, it won't be long before this Irish horror film finds its way to North American theaters!

Starring Liam Cunningham (Game of Thrones) and Pollyanna McIntosh (The Woman), this blood-soaked import is already positioning itself as one of the most anticipated wide-release genre films of 2015. Let Us Prey tells the story of a mysterious stranger who is arrested by the police and put in their jail. The problem is, he seems to have the ability to control the minds of others and the things he makes them do are... not nice. Not nice at all.

According to Deadline, Dark Sky is planning to release the film in the Spring of 2015. So it won't be long until you can catch this gory new horror film for yourself!

Watch the teaser trailer below for Let us Prey and let me know if you plan on seeing it when it comes to a theater near you...


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