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I had the privilege of attending The Woman Chaser (now on Netflix) last night to write a review of the film and also to meet and interview the one and only Patrick Warburton to ask a few questions about the movie itself, as well as other upcoming projects.

For those who don't know who Mr. Warburton is, here's a quick rundown of some of the things he's done that you might recognize him from:

He voiced the lovable Kronk from The Emperor's New Groove and its sequel, followed by its own TV show; he played Brock Samson from The Venture Bros, and acted in shows such as Seinfeld, Less Than Perfect, and Rules of Engagement, and in movies like Get Smart, Scream 3, and Bad Milo, plus many more (over 100 credits), especially when it comes to voice over work, covering animated shows to even video games. But you probably know him most from The Tick, or as the the voice of the paraplegic cop Joe Swanson in Family Guy.

Standing before me at 6' 2," a bit intimating at first glance but still very approachable, the friendly giant and I begin the interview.

Q: What's your favorite scene from The Woman Chaser:

A: "There's a scene where the film director (me) is having it out with his editor and he gets threatening at one point but its really a bizarre scene but I enjoyed the whole experience. Its a sort of a pulp fiction story, they're so unique, you know, you usually get your middle and end but this was a unique one so its not self predictable that way. I like the absurdity of the whole thing, its taken very serious. He thinks he's come up with the greatest idea of a movie of all time...a man, a truck driver who drives over a little girl and kills her, tries to get away but doesn' know? Its just terrible, he thinks THAT'S the story and he makes this movie and he's so dedicated to it and love, I that. It was Robs vision really that shines through and he was true to it, never ever for a moment played for laughs, I like that."
Joe Swanson
Joe Swanson

Q: Are you excited for the Family Guy/Simpsons crossover? is Joe going to be a big part of it?

A: "I'm not sure if he is, I just saw about 2 minutes of it when I brought my kids over to the studio and I've seen a little bit of it and it looked really fun, it'll be a one hour episode this fall." (Premiers September 28th on FOX)

Q: Do you have any future projects in the works you'd like to share with us including Ted 2?:

A: (Takes a moment) "Right now, we're on our toes working to get The Tick to become real."

Q: I heard it may be darker and have edgier humor this time around?

A: "Yeah, I loved what we did, the version we did before and loved what Barry Seinfeld and Larry Charles really did with it. I thought it was a lot of fun. I think Ben's vision is a more darker and edgier version, I love that too. I think The Tick doesn't lose his real essence in either one of them. The Tick is different from all the rest because he is insanely sane and that has to stay."

If you're a fan of the show like I was and are excited to hear it's getting a second chance (but perhaps worried about it going to primetime again and having its freedom or possible constraints this time around with it being edgier or darker), rest assured it won't have that issue to deal with since Amazon has wisely picked it up and ordered a pilot. With (original creator) Ben Edlund behind it though and Warburton's excitement towards it, I see us yelling SPOOON!!! along side The Tick very soon.

For my full review of The Woman Chaser: click here

credit: Josh Weinstock//Head of PR//MoviePilot
credit: Josh Weinstock//Head of PR//MoviePilot

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