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Do you guys want to hear (read) some fantastic news? Well, strap on your seat belts because we're going on a ride!

Guess who could potentially be on board for Speed 3. I'll give you some hints.

1. He was the star in the first Speed movie.

2. His absence from Speed 2 essentially ruined the movie.

3. It's Keanu Reeves!

Wow, I'm terrible at giving hints. But yes! In an exclusive interview with Nerdist, about his upcoming film John Wick, they also snuck in a question about Speed. When asked if he would ever appear in Speed 3, Reeves said:


Let's all take a breath because obviously this is seriously groundbreaking, newsworthy news!

While the likelihood of this sequel to happen seems pretty slim, even though the K-man did say "sure," we can still dream can't we? His sentiments have also changed since last year when he told OMG Insider:

"Oh my gosh, no...I think that bus has left."

It looks like the bus is back in the station because that "no" is now a "sure." Progress, people, progress. Even if it's baby steps.

So what would a Speed 3 look like? Lucky for us, the two main stars from the original Speed movie have logic-defying genetics that have allowed them to look almost exactly the same in 2014 as they did in 1994.

Keanu Reeves

What is this sorcery? With a few swift keystrokes I found the entirely reputable site Which proves that he is, in fact, immortal. Science.

Sandra Bullock

How does she look even better 20 years later?

Amazing. Simply amazing. So there's your daily dose of wishful thinking! If anything, Speed 3 needs to be made to cleanse my memory of the tragedy that was Speed 2.


Would you go see Speed 3?


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