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After the premiere of Gotham on Fox, Bruce Wayne's story is more popular than ever. But the thing about superhero origin stories is... they never change. No matter which version of Batman you may be watching, you're always guaranteed the same tragic beginning: you will watch Thomas and Martha Wayne die at the hands of a mugger in front of young Bruce. And it will be depressing. You may even almost shed a tear for the Waynes, as my darling friend Lisa did watching Gotham.

But now the good people at Vulture have compiled every single scene of Batman's parents dying, into one two minute montage. And... it's oddly compelling.

Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne

Yes, in two minutes, you can watch the Waynes die in cartoon form, through Christopher Nolan's beautiful lens, as video game characters, and run through the Burtonator. It's no wonder Batman is an emotionally stunted vigilante. If you had to watch your parents die over and over again for no less than 25 years, you'd be pretty effed up too.

But again... the video is so well made, you can't help but watch the whole thing. So watch. And let me know what you think of this miserably depressing compilation video!


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