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Since I was a child I have always been infatuated with the idea of superheroes, putting a cut up plastic bag on my back as a cape and running around the yard or laying on my stomach on a swing and pretending I was flying was one of my favorite things to do. Now I just collect as much Batman items as possible whether it be statues, comics, or toothpaste I find Batman to be a huge part of my life. Being raised in the early nineties I have gotten to witness large amounts of good and bad comic book portrayals in movies, for me personally although I think it is considered highly taboo I personally think that the Christian Bale Batman trilogy is just awful (besides an amazing performance by Heath Ledger) but for me it didn't have what I have so loved about superheroes for so long which is this idea of near immortality and also being able to beat an average goon but in hordes which didn't really happen in those movies. What I personally would like to see is a movie with the action of "Blade" they captured his toughness so well and I think DC could learn to do something like that with there own characters.

Now here is why I'm excited about the new movie, it has already been stated that Ben shares "anger" with Batman, which to me means that they are going to have a tougher portrayal of Batman in this movie so hopefully he's going to get in more fights and lose less of them. Now if this isn't exciting enough they have also released some pictures of the new Batmobile which is a perfect cross between the Tumbler and one of my personal favorites the 1989 Batmobile so it's almost a compact tank but stays true to the iconic look. I know lots of people are questioning the look of Ben for this part but I can say without a doubt he looks more like Bruce Wayne than any other portrayal of Batman I have seen that weren't directly based off of a movie, whether or not he can pull of Bats we will see but I think he can.

Also I'm extremely excited to see how many little easter eggs they are going to have in this movie, since they are crossing two universes they have a wonderful opportunity to bring in other members of the JLA and like most superhero movies of recent you can expect an epic cameo at the end. I know in this article I have presented a majority of reasons in relation to Batman but he's been my favorite since as long as I can remember so please don't hate on me to hard haha. Let me know what your excited for in the new movie or if you have any questions.

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