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Nicolas Carmona

Disappointing first episode which I hope improves down the line.

**Will Contain Spoilers**

Gotham takes place when most of the well known characters from the Batman universe are young and it builds on this to create a sort of prequel to what was Gotham before Bruce grew up. The story focuses on James Gordon upon joining the Gotham police department. So far from this what we get as a main theme of the series is a good cop in a bad cop (corrupted) world.

On this episode the case was the murder of the Wayne’s, through the investigation we meet all the characters that will in a way influence the series, from Edward Nigma to a young Penguin to even younger Ivy and Selena. This cramming of characters made the episode very unbalanced and it distracted a lot from what was going on; the focus should have been kept in a few villains, maybe just one and introduce the rest as the series progresses.

Having so many characters in this pilot, the only watcheable was James and it was still hard to see with some very weird writing and attempt at, what it seemed poor comedy, and with characters that look very weird like Selena and Penguin.

The show has potential, but instead of grouping everything into one episode, it would be better if they took time to develop their main character and also improve the writing. Also they should leave Bruce’s story as a very side story, it seemed forced the way that they wanted to make him young batman so early into his age.

Let’s see next episode what direction the show goes.


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