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After ending the first season on a strong note, they continue raising the bar.

**Will Contain Spoilers**

This season began pretty great, with a very curious beginning; that made us believe that it had been a year since the season finale and that there had been some casualties. However, it was a plan by Henry to find a key that opens purgatory then everything goes to where we left off last season, Ichabod trapped underground and Abby trapped in purgatory.

I have to say I love Henry as a villain, he is not only creepy but very calculative which enhances everything we learned from him last season. Speaking of villains, we see that Death has Katrina trapped and he tries to be a sort of caretaker, but she just wants to escape; this seems taht will be talked and worked more next episode.

The rest of the episode revolved on Ichabod finding the key and freeing Abbie, without letting Moloch escape with her. The intensity becomes even more once Ichabod goes into purgatory to get her; where Moloch is raising an army and we can see the tortured souls from purgatory. The performances as always were great and the perfectly timed comedic moments are always there, which is one of the reasons I love this show.

Sleepy Hollow
Sleepy Hollow

The threat has increased now that war has been unleashed and what will that entail, no idea, but hopefully we will get more monsters coming to Sleepy Hollow and maybe more weird connections to the past. Cannot wait for next episode!

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