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Nicolas Carmona

Just finished the first season last week and was very glad it returned soon and even if it had been longer it was worth the wait.

**Will Contain Spoilers**

This was very standard episode, bad guy wants something related to Red and everyone tries to find Lord Baltimore, someone specialized in seeking people through their data footprint. Pretty cool concept and it it was a great balance to Red’s anti technology approach.

The greatest thing as always is seeing Spader’s performance, his anti-hero character is so wonderful and from demonstrating horrible moments such as the bombing to get what he wants, he also shows very emotional moments regarding the people that he cares about including Liz. Speaking of Liz she is doing a total makeover getting over the ending events from last season, we are seeing other layers of her just in this episode and it will be very interesting seeing her darker side come out as well as maybe getting closer to Red and the truth.

There are two villains in this episode, Lord Baltimore who they pulled a pretty good reveal having someone with multiple personalities playing the victim and the evil one. The background of the villain was very key to the development of the character and as always the chase was very satisfying.

The other is Berlin, the big bad from last season and from this one, the mind behind Baltimore; who wants to get Red’s ex-wife. This was part predictable, he wants to pay Red with the same coin and he will deliver her piece by piece; how strong are Red’s feelings for her and determination will decide how this will end. I have a feeling that there is something more to the story that we got from Berlin, we haven’t gotten Red’s side of the story and something we have learned is that he doesn’t do anything just because he always has reasons and plans.

Good season premier and cannot wait for next episode!


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