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Evan Lee

It really takes a lot for me to be impressed with today's monster movies. Either they look generic with little to no imagination from being so big you can't see the full monster on your TV screen. That's another problem I have with today's monster movies a lot of them are starting to show less and less of these monsters. Having the camera show its leg and for the majority of the movie the monster is shrouded in darkness. Maybe this will be the end of our monsters hiding in the shadows 24/7 once Monsters: Dark Continent hits theaters on November 28th (U.K./US unofficial).

In celebration of the upcoming sequel, Monsters: Dark Continent I've gathered some of my personal favorite monster/creature/android/alien artwork from the internet. Some of these designs are creepy, scary and grotesque.

As always, enjoy!


Ken Barthelmey


Felipe Pesantez


Mike Corriero


Takumer Homma


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