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Twenty years ago on September 22nd, the pilot of FRIENDS aired and the world was never the same. Well, at least for me. For ten seasons, the show continuously wrote the most quotable dialogue and some of the most perfect comedy moments on TV. With the help of such an iconic cast, FRIENDS humor came alive in such a unique way that even twenty years later, in my opinion, nothing comes close to its style of comedy, and most of all, the endless lists of jokes. These are just 15 of the funniest moments of FRIENDS.

1- ATM Vestibule with Jill Goodacre

In Season 1 a black out occurs in the entire city, leaving the gang bored and in the dark in Monica's apartment, except for Chandler, who finds himself trapped in an ATM vestibule with model Jill Goodacre. Spending most of their time in awkward silence waiting for the power to come back, Jill offers her cellphone to Chandler in case he needs to make an urgent call. Chandler calls his friends and finds a creative way to let them know about his crazy luck.

2- Joey Speaks French

Looking to play a mysterious French character, Joey asks Phoebe to help him with some French since she is fluent. To start, Phoebe teaches Joey the simple sentence Je m'appelle Claude but what comes out of his mouth she did not expect.

3- Ross Plays the Keyboard

Phoebe becomes fascinated with the fact that Ross used to play keyboard in college. After coaxing him to "play that funky music white boy" Ross agrees and makes a big deal about it. It quickly becomes clear why no one had heard him play before.

4- Princess Consuela Banana Hammock

After marrying her boyfriend, Mike Hannigan, Phoebe considers changing her last name. When she is told she can basically change her name to whatever she wants, Phoebe gets creative to say the least.

5- Monica's Not Sick

Monica does not get sick. Getting sick is for weaklings, it's for pansies. But Monica is most definitely sick when she tries to seduce Chandler. Problem is, Chandler isn't really into the whole 'sleeping with a sick person' thing.

6- Joey is in Pyramid

Joey is invited to play in Pyramid. Not being the sharpest tool in the shed, Joey gets everything hilariously wrong when it's his turn to guess, repeating constantly Paper, Snow a GHOST! Trust me. Watch the video. It's hilarious.

7- The Bet for the Apartment

A simple bet of 'who knows who better (the boys or the girls)' turns into a huge competition. In order to raise the stakes, Monica bets to switch apartments if they lose. If they win, the boys have to get rid of the chick and the duck. The moment of truth comes when the girls can't answer the question: What the hell is Chandler Bing's job?

8- Chandler Fools Around with Joey's Sister

After seeing his ex-girlfriend, Chandler gets drunk at Joey's birthday party. The next morning he finds himself with a killer hangover and quite the problem. Not only did he fool around with his best friend's sister, he doesn't remember which sister. (Side Note: Joey has seven sisters)

9- Fat Monica Dances

Fat Monica is easily one of the best characters. She is bright and bubbly and not self-aware. She also has some serious moves before falling onto a beanbag chair.

10- Phoebe sees Chandler and Monica 'Doing It'

In Season 5, Monica and Chandler kept their relationship secret from the Friends, except for Joey and Rachel who figured it out and said nothing. But the cat was soon out of the bag when Phoebe caught them in the act and couldn't control her reaction. To this day, I constantly say Oh my eyes! MY EYES!

11- Ross Gets a Tan

I love how Ross is the smartest of the friends but fails constantly at common sense. In an attempt to get a spray tan, Ross is supposed to get sprayed, count to five, turn and get sprayed on the other side. Counting 'Mississipily,' Ross gets sprayed on his front...let's say more than once.

12- Bruce Willis Is a Love Machine

Bruce Willis plays Paul, Elizabeth's dad, Ross's young girlfriend, in season 6. After being warned not to date Elizabeth anymore, Ross goes on a secret trip with her to her Dad's cabin. Little did they know Paul was already planning a little secret trip of his own to seduce Rachel. But before doing that, he needed a little pep talk.

13- Joey Wears All of Chandler's Clothes

The One Where No One is Ready has to be one of FRIENDS best episodes. The humor is enhanced by Joey and Chandler's war that started because Joey took Chandler's seat. One thing led to another, Chandler hides Joey's underwear and Joey swears he will do the exact opposite to him. Hey, opposite is opposite.

14- Joey's Hernia

Joey decides to work out days before some auditions and ends up with a hernia. Damn you, fifteens! Having zero money for medical insurance, Joey decides to brave through the pain and nail an audition to get the money. But Joey in pain can come off a little creepy.


If you are a FRIENDS fan, you need no other word to understand the hilarity behind it. But for those of you who don't get it... Ross wants to get his new couch up the stairs and into his apartment. It isn't happening, especially when Rachel and Chandler just don't respond to the command: Pivot.

What is your favorite funny FRIENDS moment? If you think I have forgotten some, you are mistaken friend. Stick around for Part 2.


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