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I apologize again for the long wait up for another superhero match up. I realized I made it very difficult for myself when I separated the characters by gender, comic book company and hero (or villain). From now on, all match ups cover everything so there will be - Marvel vs Marvel, DC vs DC, Marvel vs DC, male vs male, female vs male, female vs female, hero vs hero, hero vs villain and villain vs villain. Every match up will be somewhat similar yet different on their own way than the previous match up. These match ups are all for fun and nothing to be taken seriously.

Here are all my previous superhero match ups so you get a better understanding of how things work:


  • You're allowed to tell "Yo Momma" jokes in the comments section (They better be funny).
  • Take your time and READ the article carefully!
  • NO biased votes. (Example: If you're a fanboy of a certain company or character try your hardest NOT to vote for them for those specific reasons. Take your time and analyze the information I've provided to make your final decision... Who am I kidding? This rule will be broken by EVERYONE!)
  • NO ridiculous power boosts.
  • Each fight will take place in a different setting (they can not escape or receive any outside help - As in people or animals).
  • There's no such thing as "morals" in these fights.
  • Fight to the death.
  • There will be 1 fight per an article (Because of all the information I leave on these articles it's best to have 1 fight at a time).
  • DON'T whine about an "unfair" match up or about your favorite character not winning. Nobody likes a crybaby!


Amazon rainforest, South America

The Amazon Rainforest
The Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest is the densest forest in the world which makes it a perfect battle ground for these two. Due to the fact that the rainforest covers so much territory in South America, we'll focus only In Brasil (or Brazil). Which is still a very large portion so we will have both combatants 1870.27 miles apart, which should take them roughly 5 days to track each other down. Neither one of them have met before, but they know their opponent is dangerous. All they have is a piece of clothing or hair from that individual which can help them track each other down.



Known as one of the most savage members of the X-Men, Wolverine is a ticking time-bomb always controlling his inner rage aka, berserker side. He carries himself as a lone wolf with an immense sense of honor. Logan may come off as a big mean grouch, but you can always count on him when the going gets tough. With stupendous healing abilities, adamantium skeleton and claws, Wolverine is nigh invulnerable.

  • James "Logan" Howlett stands 5'3" and weighing 300lbs (with an adamantium skeleton).
  • Intelligence- Wolverine is not a genius per se, but he is a very intelligent individual when it comes to his vast amounts of wisdom, knowledge, strategic maneuvering, survival and tracking skills.
  • Healing Factor & Durability- Probably having the greatest healing factor in the entire Marvel Universe! Wolverine can take shots from class +100 characters and still push forward. Harnessing the ability to regenerate/regrow torn ligaments, organs and skeletal structure quickly. Also, having high immunity to toxins and poisons (large enough doses can have an effect on him).
  • Superhuman acute senses- Wolverine is certainly a master tracker within the Marvel Universe. With his advance eyesight, he can see objects that are vast distances away with complete clarity. While having the abilities to see in the dark, smell someones scent from miles away (even if they're invisible), pick up high pitch noises that the average human cannot hear, fight blindfolded, hear someones heartbeat to sense if they're lying and taste pheromones in the air.
  • Superhuman Strength- Walking around with heavy metal aka your skeleton would make you awfully strong, right? Wolverine is not the strongest nor is he the weakest of Marvel characters... Being able to lift 800lbs and in some cases 2 tons! Hell, he gave Spider-Man a good beating and did pretty well against The Incredible Hulk.
  • Enhanced Speed & Agility- His agility and speed is beyond the coordination of a human being, but he's no speedster. Wolverine's greatest advantage when using his speed is in his fighting.
  • Superhuman Reflexes & Stamina- Having dodged bullets at point blank range, heavy machine gun fire (from a distance) and Cyclops' optic blasts. Thanks to his incredible healing factor, his body is able to fight off toxins in his body that allows fatigue. Fatigue is still possible, but it would take a long period of fighting for it to kick in. One of his longest fights have lasted 17hours, but he needed medical attention afterwards.
  • Master Martial Artist- Now lets be real for a second. I could rant about Wolverine knowing almost every martial art/fighting style and how he knows all the pressure points... Seriously, we all know how Wolverine is going to fight. Wolverine is a very gruesome fighter for the majority of his fights. He only wants to hack and slash you apart! Since he's fighting Black Panther he might stray away from being technical as the fight goes on and break towards his berserker side.


Black Panther:

Black Panther
Black Panther

The title of "Black Panther" is a sacred mantle passed on to one Wakandan royalty to the next. After the death of King T'Chaka, Prince T'Challa would defeat his uncle, King S'yan in a "once-a-year ritual that allowed anyone of Wakandan royalty to become king/queen by defeating the current ruler in hand-to-hand combat." Once the Wakandan has won the fight he (or she) will eat the Heart shaped-Herb that grants the user enhanced and superhuman abilities.

  • King T'Challa stands 6'0" and weighing 200lbs.
  • Genius-level Intelligence- T'Challa was the king of one the most technologically advanced nations on Earth. He is listed in the top 8 smartest people in the Marvel Universe. From creating a cybernetic (or techno) jungle that he used to trap each member of the Fantastic Four. Creating a suit entirely laced by vibranium. There have been cases that T'Challa is on the same level of intelligence with Reed Richards (Mister Fantastic). T'Challa is a polymath genius and has an outstanding photographic memory. He holds a PhD in physics from Oxford University. Did I mention that the dude created his own scientific field called "Shadow Physics."
  • Knowledge of the Black Panthers- T'Challa possesses all of the power, knowledge, wisdom, strength and every experience from previous Black Panthers.
  • Superhuman acute senses- T'Challa literally possesses the same abilities as Wolverine in this category. He is a phenomenal tracker just like his opponent and he's able to memorize thousands of scents!
  • Superhuman Durability & Stamina- Without his powers of the Panther Goddess and Heart-shaped Herb, T'Challa is at peak level of human perfection. His musculature generates less fatigue toxins which allows him to fight for an hour without rest before fatigue takes over. Since he is enhanced with powers from the Panther Goddess his stamina is increased to a substantial amount. It's still unknown exactly how long can he fight until fatigue kicks in... He's been known to fight off an entire Skrull platoon with ease. With his panther powers he's nigh invulnerable towards illnesses and toxins. The limit of physical punishment is unknown. Without his powers T'Challa can still recover and resist from physical injuries or diseases much faster than the average human being. He is still vulnerable to them though.
  • Superhuman Strength- T'Challa is known to fight and lift people/objects over 800lbs. Here are some T'Challa's strength feats - Stopping an elephant charge with his bare hands, kicking Namor so hard he was sent flying in the air, crushed a water mill by holding it with his muscles, killing a T-Rex and wrestling down a charged rhino with his bare hands. There is still no proof what the Black Panther's strength limit is since he has superhuman strength from the Panther Goddess.
  • Superhuman Speed & Agility- His agility and reflexes are superior to any Olympic level athlete that has ever competed. T'Challa is capable of running at speeds of 35mph!
  • Master Martial Artist- Since birth, he was groomed to be a fierce warrior. He is an expert in all forms of armed/unarmed combat, a master of all martial arts, including African, unknown forms, a master of stealth and disguise. T'Challa is considered to be one of the greatest martial artist that has walked this Earth. There's no question about him being up there with the greats from stalemating and gaining the upper-hand against opponents like - Captain America, Daredevil, Wolverine (wasn't a fight to the death), Iron Fist, etc. Even Captain America said himself that he won against T'Challa because he was not his usual self, seeming weaker than he actually was.


Adamantium vs Vibranium

It all comes down to this- Which "metal" gives the greater edge to their user? Wolverine is a walking Canadian adamantium tank with claws! Then you have a living, breathing vibranium Swiss Army Knife which is Black Panther. Wolverine's advantage is that he's pretty much invulnerable due to his rapid healing and adamantium skeleton. The end result is that he fights ferociously, but sometimes recklessly, which can work against him in this fight. As for Black Panther he has more versatility even though he's well aware that he doesn't have the same level of healing as his opponent so he must fight smart. Using the environment surrounding him to accomplish surprise attacks from afar.

Slight edge goes to vibranium. Why? T'Challa comes from the country where vibranium landed! Wakandans have spent years on utilizing this metal into their gear and weapons. Even though adamantium can virtually cut through anything due to its density it just doesn't make a HUGE difference in this fight. Since Wolverine has a limited amount of ways of using the metal there isn't a lot working in his favor. With Wakandan vibranium it can absorb any vibrations and kinetic energy. This helps a lot in the fight since the Black Panther wears a vibranium micro-weave mesh that is strong enough to take blows from the Hulk, stop bullets (they don't ricochet on impact, they simply fall to the ground) and he can not be stabbed unless the suit is slashed against the grain. Then that tilts in Wolverine's favor.

The last best thing about T'Challa's suit are his "anti-metal claws" aka "Antarctic Vibranium". Antarctic Vibranium is the second form of vibranium instead of absorbing vibrations it generates a unique vibration field that breaks down other metals that is in close proximity to. In other words, it can reduce any metal into a liquid or near liquid-like state.

In this match up Wolverine will wear his classic yellow and blue costume accompanied with adamantium skeleton/claws. Black Panther will wear his basic vibranium weaved suit and will be equipped with his anti-metal claws.



Our champions have finally spotted one another after traveling 5 days through the dense jungle. Who wins? YOU DECIDE!

Feel free to leave suggestions for the next comic book match up. Until then, peace out homie!


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