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Van Helsing is one of those flicks that I LOVE, despite some flaws. It's just a damn good time. But, guess what? Some previously unseen storyboards for the movie have just surfaced, and it looks like Van Helsing was going to be EVEN BETTER!

Doug Brode's work proves that Van Helsing had planned on including Gill-man, the monster featured in the 1954 film Creature from the Black Lagoon.

So how would Gill-man factor in? Check out the storyboards...

Note: If you look closely at the notes on the side, the girl is referred to as 'Mina'. I guess maybe Anna Valerious was called Mina instead, in early drafts? Or Mina Harker would have been a bigger character, separate from Anna.

So. Mina's all, like, 'Be Careful, Carl'!

But before they know it - BAM! walloped in the back...

Whaddya know - shadowy figures are always up to no good.

Thus, Gill-Man's transmogrification begins...and it's pretty gross!

He's now breaking loose!!

GodDAMN that beast strength! Sensible move: get out your sabre.

Just look at the Creature! Get back to your Black Lagoon!

Uh ohhhhhh.

Gill-Man corners Mina.

THE HORROR! Meanwhile, Carl's getting spears thrown at him.

Anna runs for the sconce - good move, as Gill-man is afraid of fire.

Oh, crap. Where did he go?

HE'S ABOVE YOU! He grabs her by the head with his repulsive claws.

Out cold, into the arms of the enemy.

Then Frankenstein's monster shows up and smashes Gill-man down.

BOOM. Personally, I'm always up for a bit of classic monster action, but how do you guys feel about this plotline? Would The Creature From The Black Lagoon have worked in Van Helsing?


Would you like to have seen this plot played out in Van Helsing?


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